Anne Archer's Love Letter to Mom

In honor of our #RememberingMom campaign, actress & Academy Award nominee, Anne Archer, shared with us the love letter she wrote to her Mom, Marjorie Lord, before she passed. It’s a beautiful tribute to a remarkable woman. Anne is our special guest who will be judging the #RememberingMom campaign, where she’ll select one Mom of the many that were nominated, to have her ashes turned into a diamond in observance of Mother’s Day. To read more about the campaign visit the announcement post on Instagram or Facebook.

Anne with her Mom, Maggie

Anne with her Mom, Maggie

“Dear Mom,

 I have so much love and gratitude for you, and I’m sending you this letter full of my profound affection and care so that it lives forever for both of us.


You need to know and I hope do know that you have been the most wonderful mother a daughter could ever have. There was never a moment in my life when I didn’t know that you were caring for me and loving me whether near or far. It gave me strength, helped me to do the right thing and comforted me when I needed it.


You have always been an extraordinary example of accomplishment, integrity and kindness. You really personify true goodness, a quality the rest of the world sorely needs to emulate. 


Starting with Grandma and probably many of our bloodline before her, principle and truthfulness have been a hallmark of our family that you have passed on to your offspring Gregg and me, and we on to ours.

You have led a beautiful, artistic, and always creative life as an actress, writer, mother, wife and friend. Your career took you on a beautiful journey that lives on to this day for all who know and love you.   

And the fruits of your life…your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are an amazing tribute to your remarkable beauty both inside and out. 

There is no one who has ever known you that does not feel as I do…that you are one of the most special people they have ever met…that your sweetness, your always guiding hand and true friendship are to be cherished and reciprocated. Look at the diversity of friends you have had… of all ages and experiences.

You have never turned your back on anyone in need but rather immediately have taken responsibility to help them in any way you could.

There is greatness in you Mom, and I apologize for not having told you that in just those words. It is impossible not to love you because you are truly one of the fineness and loveliest women the world has known.

And as you know so well, you are a spiritual being that lives throughout eternity. And your eternity will always be extraordinarily beautiful and expansive because that is the spiritual being that you always have been, are and will continue to create. 

So as we are all here with you now I would like to raise a symbolic glass in toast and say, “Here’s to the luminous Grand Dame of our family. You hold a place in all of our hearts into eternity. We wish you Godspeed on your next journey. We never lose you because your beautiful spirit is with us forever. There is no ending...only new beginnings!"  

I love you Mom. Know that and be at peace.”