In honor of Mother’s Day, the Eterneva team is coming together to gift a free diamond for a family who has lost a remarkable Mom 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

What Prompted #RememberingMom

There are so many incredible Moms that have graced this earth, and many of them are no longer with us. The idea behind Mother’s Day is to take a day to stop, appreciate, and love on our Moms, so we don’t see why that should change when she passes.

Our goal with this campaign is to open up a conversation around remembrance, so people who have lost their Mom don’t have to feel so lonely with their grief on this day. This campaign will serve as an outlet to celebrate her 🙌

How to Nominate a Mom:

  1. Post a picture and a story of a remarkable Mom on your Instagram or Facebook. She may be yours, or someone else's. Share specific details and stories that help the world get a glimpse into her personality and character

  2. Tag us @eterneva and use the hashtag #RememberingMom

  3. Encourage your friends & family to reinforce your nomination by also posting memories about your Mom, tagging us, and using #RememberingMom

  4. The deadline to enter is May 3, 9:00 AM EST

  5. Actress & Academy Award nominee Anne Archer will make the ultimate selection!

Anne Archer’s Tribute to Her Mom

Anne had an extraordinarily special connection with her late mother, Marjorie “Maggie” Lord. Maggie was also a well-known and loved actress, but more memorably, a ray of sunshine for everyone that knew her.

This campaign was deeply moving for Anne, because she knows the importance of keeping her Mom’s story alive every year. Before Maggie died, Anne wrote her a love letter and read it to her at her bedside. Click here to read Anne’s full tribute to her Mom.

Anne Archer with her Mom, Marjorie “Maggie” Lord

Anne Archer with her Mom, Marjorie “Maggie” Lord

Celebrating Eterneva Moms

We’ve had the honor of learning about some very special Mom’s here at Eterneva so we would be remiss to not pay tribute to some of the special ladies we’re currently growing diamonds for. Click on their photos to hear their stories ❤️