Cindy's Story



Cindy holds her husband Wes close in an Eterneva Diamond.


Cindy, can you tell us about Wes?

"I’m a big Elvis fan, and I called Wes my Elvis. He had that ducktail hair just like Elvis his whole life. 

 He loved having his kids and grandkids at the house. His best trick was popping his teeth out to get a reaction from the little ones. He was a top-notch bbq'er, and enjoyed a good shindig with family and friends. 

Wes never met a stranger - his personality was one-of-a-kind. He would do anything for anyone, and if you were one of his friends you know this to be true."

Cindy's Surprise at Memorial Diamond

What does Wes' diamond mean to you? 

"This process meant a lot to me and was something I really wanted to do. I loved the idea of having a part of him with me all the time.  I’ve always been told I wear my heart on my sleeve - so now I actually do.

Having gone through the process, it's proved to be very comforting as well. It's a long process which took patience, but it was so worth it. His diamond is beautiful, and I look forward to the day I get to pass it down to my daughters." 

His diamond is beautiful, and I look forward to the day I get to pass it down to my daughters.” 
— Cindy Smith Bunch

What will you set Wes' diamond in?

"Many years ago Wes gave me this beautiful ring - I've had it for decades! I'm going to replace the center stone with his diamond, and then encircle it with petit diamonds from a tennis bracelet he gave me. I felt it was appropriate to create his heirloom from pieces that already had sentimental value." 


Did you have any hesitations about doing this? 

"I was a little scared about sending his ashes away, but then I learned you only had to send a cup, so that was comforting.

The process is timely and isn't cheap, so initially I worried if I made the right decision, but then I would speak with someone at Eterneva and be reassured I was making the right decision. 

My experience working with Eterneva has just been fabulous. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome and a better experience overall. It was all so very worth it." 

Sunday was a very special day and homecoming for Wes. I thank everyone at Eterneva from the bottom of my heart for such a special journey.
— Cindy Smith Bunch

About Wes' Diamond

Wes' diamond is a .56 carat colorless Cushion cut, that produced stunning IGI grading results:

  • Colorless - E Color: the second highest color grade attainable.

  • Clarity - IF: internally flawless with no visible blemishes.

  • Cut - Very Good: the Cushion cut is best for maximum scintillation and sparkle.

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