Serpentine Sapphire Circlet

Blue sapphire meteorite with ashes.jpg
Blue sapphire meteorite with ashes.jpg

Serpentine Sapphire Circlet

from 999.00

Commemorate the life of your loved one in this graceful, serpentine-style circlet.

White gold - inlaid with their ashes - coils to meet a round, hypnotic-blue sapphire. The gemstone is held in place by sheer tension - ensuring this ring endures through decades to come.

Available in 10-karat and 14-karat white gold. Your loved one’s ashes are subtly inlaid into the ring’s shoulders, making this the perfect way to honor their memory and keep them close to you at all times.

Ring Size:
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Ring width: 9.5 mm tapered to 3 mm
Ring Sleeve: White Gold
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm White Gold
1.5 mm Ashes (partial inlays)
1 mm White Gold
3.5 mm (4 mm Blue Sapphire Gemstone)
1 mm White Gold
1.5 mm Meteorite (partial inlays)
0.5 mm White Gold

Stone: Blue Sapphire
Grade: AA
Size: 4mm
Shape: Round
Setting: Tension Set

Ashes Needed: 2 tablespoons

Process: We will sent you an ashes collection kit, so you can send us your loved one's ashes safely and legally. We'll let you know as soon as we receive them, and then your ring will take 5-6 weeks to complete. Any ashes we don't use, we'll return to you with your finished ring.