Circle Twin Band with Ashes


Circle Twin Band with Ashes


An in-vogue double-band frames a circular pearl of your loved one's ashes. This 14 karat yellow gold ring is a beautiful everyday piece that allows you to carry your loved one with you. 

This ring will always be one-of-a-kind, because everyone's ashes develop a different color when mixed with resin. The pearl of ashes may come out dark grey, creamy white, or somewhere in between. It is the ultimate expression of their individuality. 

Ring Size:
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Available Metals:
14 Karat Yellow Gold  

Ring Specs: 5mm raised circular setting, band tapers from 7.1mm to 2mm

Ashes Needed: 2 tablespoons

Process: Once you place your order you can expect to receive the Eterneva Ashes Collection Kit to send us your loved one's ashes. We will then custom create your ring, then we will ship your ring with any remaining ashes. The process takes 6-10 weeks to complete.