Infinity Meteorite Band

White gold ring with gibeon meteorite and ash inlay.jpg
White gold ring with gibeon meteorite and ash inlay.jpg

Infinity Meteorite Band

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Celebrate the life of your loved one  each day through the infinite beauty of this gibeon meteorite ring.

An otherwise simple band of white gold is inlaid with true poetry. On one side sits a rare gibeon meteorite. The fragments of an exploded star, it has journeyed through time and space for 4 billion years. Characteristic Widmanstatten patterns - formed in the freezing cold of outer space - criss-cross in geometric beauty.

On the other, your loved ones ashes are carefully-inlaid in resin. They, too, will travel with you through time and space - reminding you of the memories and emotions you associate with that special person for years to come. Celebrate their infinity with this truly unique white gold ring.

Available in 10-karat and 14-karat white gold.

Ring Size:
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Ring Size: 8
Ring Width: 8 mm
Ring Sleeve: 10k or 14k White Gold
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm 10k or 14k White Gold
3 mm Ashes
1 mm 10k or 14k White Gold
3 mm Meteorite
0.5 mm10k or 14k White Gold

Ashes Needed: 2 tablespoons

Process: We will sent you an ashes collection kit, so you can send us your loved one's ashes safely and legally. We'll let you know as soon as we receive them, and then your ring will take 6-10 weeks to complete. Any ashes we don't use, we'll return to you with your finished ring.