Raw Diamond Memory Ring

Rough diamond ring with ashes inlay.jpg
Rough diamond ring with ashes inlay.jpg

Raw Diamond Memory Ring

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The refined elegance of polished white gold meets the raw, natural beauty of an uncut diamond in this contemporary memento ring.

White gold forms a five-prong setting which firmly clasps the  diamond - your loved one’s ashes delicately inlaid in the precious metal for years to come. The rough diamond lends a raw, unaffected quality to the ring that represents your loved one’s natural beauty - including all their quirks and imperfections.

Available in 10-karat and 14-karat white gold.

Ring Size:
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Ring Width: 3.5 mm
Ring Sleeve: 14k White Gold or 10k White Gold
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished
Band: 2 mm Ashes

Stone: Natural Rough Diamond
Shape: 6 mm (vary by shape)
Shape: Rough/Uncut
Setting: Prong

Ashes Needed: 2 tablespoons

Process: We will sent you an ashes collection kit, so you can send us your loved one's ashes safely and legally. We'll let you know as soon as we receive them, and then your ring will take 6-10 weeks to complete. Any ashes we don't use, we'll return to you with your finished ring.