Your loved one's diamond is forever.

You received our card and found your way here because it stirred something inside you. You were moved by the idea of turning your loved one into a diamond, and it is calling you to explore it. 

Learn more about the process. Reserve a free consultation below to speak to an Eterneva team member about the diamond creation process and setting options.


Pricing, Colors, & Cuts

Pricing starts at $2,490 and available diamond colors include colorless, blue, red, yellow, and green. Diamonds can be cut to any classic shape including round, emerald, princess, and more.

Limited Offer: Get a Free Additional Rough Diamond! 

Purchase an Eterneva diamond by the date printed on your card, and we will grow an additional rough diamond from your loved one's ashes for free. 

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Tailor Made Settings

Eterneva will help you design the perfect setting for your loved one's diamond. 


Meet Eterneva 

At Eterneva, we believe in the power of innovation and raising the standard. A lot in the world has changed, but memorials seem to be stuck in the dark ages. We believe our loved ones deserve better, so we're radically redefine the way we memorialize. By turning ashes into diamonds, we rejuvenate memorials and created a way to ensure their legacy lives on.

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Eterneva is a global company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our diamond labs are located in Amsterdam, which is the hotbed of diamond growth technology, and our diamonds are cut in Antwerp, where the world's top diamond cutting talent is located. Eterneva consultants are located in Austin, to serve you at every step of the diamond creation process.