Celebrate a remarkable person or pet. Turn their ashes into a diamond.

Personalize the diamond’s cut, color and inscription, then embark on an eight-month journey as special as the diamond itself.

It’s therapeutic being able to wear my baby’s diamond close to my heart.
— Jackie Sams



Q: HOW MUCH ASHES IS NEEDED? 2 tbsp to 1/2 a cup

Q: HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE? 8-10 months. More on process

Q: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? From $2,400-$16,000. More on pricing

It’s a big decision that I’d do all over again. We will cherish Dave’s diamonds forever, and the journey was incredible.”
— Gina Sticka


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Diamond Kit - $100

Start the process by ordering the Eterneva Diamond Kit. It contains cubic zirconias to help you pick out your diamond and a container to return the ashes.