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Turn Your Pet's Ashes into a Diamond.

Let their memory live on forever.

Turn dog's cremated ashes to a diamond.

Pets are family too.

Pets offer love, companionship, comfort, and levity. They are an unmistakable member of the family. But when they pass, there’s social norms that say we can’t celebrate their lives like we would a human’s.

Yet every life – doggies included – tells a great story, and deserves to be remembered.

We believe our pet family members deserve better. Eterneva is radically redefining the way we memorialize, by turning pet ashes into diamonds. This way, our family members are remembered in significance and beauty, and able to remain close to us everyday. 

Eterneva Diamonds

One-of-a-kind, real diamonds made from the carbon of pet ashes, masterfully cut to refract the vibrancy of their spirit. Crafted with artistry, handled with integrity, respect, and transparency. 

Pet ashes into diamond

Impeccably Created

Every Eterneva diamond spawns from an intricate, six part process. Beginning with the Carbon purification of ashes, a rough diamond is cultivated, cut, polished, engraved, and finally set in a unique, bespoke setting.

Turn pet ashes into diamonds with custom engraving

Personally Engraved

With fine laser technology we personally engrave the girdle of your loved one's Eterneva diamond with their name and provide you with a 15x loop to observe this unique and beautiful detail. 

Dog ashes into diamond with pear cut

Tailor-Made Remembrances

Eterneva diamonds are tailor-made remembrances, allowing you to elect every detail to best suit your pet. From the color to the shape, to the setting in which they will rest for eternity.  

Hold your pet close to you forever 

Eterneva diamonds are personal, so their settings should be too. You can have your diamond set locally with your jeweler, or one of our talented jewelers can help you design your own piece. 

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They Deserve to Be a Diamond.