All Eterneva diamonds are between D-J colors (near colorless) and clarity ranges between SI2 to VVS1 (no visible inclusions). All diamonds are cut by master-cutters and proportioned to refract all light that enters, and each diamond features custom engraving on the diamond's girdle (seen under 30x loupe). The cost of Eterneva diamonds range by carat and color. The following prices are for standard cuts - see all cut options below


Colorless Eterneva Diamond

MP010_Gemstones_White_Topaz (2).png

Multiple Diamonds (up to .2-.29C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Red Eterneva Diamond

Red Eterneva Diamond
Red cremation diamond cost

Multiple Diamonds (up to .3-.39C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Pink Eterneva Diamond

Pink Memorial Diamond
Pink Memorial Diamond Pricing

Multiple Diamonds (up to .3-.39C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Blue Eterneva Diamond

Blue Eterneva Diamond
Blue Cremation Diamond Cost

Multiple Diamonds (up to .2-.29C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Yellow Eterneva Diamond

Yellow Eterneva Diamond
Yellow cremation diamond cost

Multiple Diamonds(up to .3-.39C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Green Eterneva Diamond

Green cremation diamond cost
Green Memorial Diamond Pricing

Multiple Diamonds (up to .3-.39C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Black Eterneva Diamond

MP010_Gemstones_Onyx (2).png

Multiple Diamonds (up to .3-.39C): 2 diamonds for 10% off, 3 for 15% off, 4 for 20% off

Our Cuts

Your loved one's diamond is cut in Antwerp, internationally recognized as the diamond cutting mecca. These are the same master cutters the top luxury jewelry brands enlist to cut million dollar diamonds. 

Classic Cuts

Classic Cuts

All diamonds are available in Classic Cuts at our standard prices.

Specialty Cuts

Specialty cuts require a larger raw diamond to yield the same carat weights as Classic Cuts. Pear, Oval and Marquise will all be 1/2 the carat weight of a Classic Cut, and Princess will be 75% the carat weight of a Classic Cut.

Specialty Cuts (2).jpg

For example: a .2-.29 red pear is $5,999; the same price as a .4-.49 carat red Classic Cut. A .3-.39 Princess cut green diamond is $5,999; the same price as a .4-.49 green Classic Cut.

If you are considering a Specialty cut, we recommend contacting us or scheduling a consultation, so we can provide you with a detailed quote.

How to Order

Cost of cremation diamonds varies by shape
Eterneva consultation call to discuss process and cost of cremation diamonds
Deposit for cremation diamonds

Browse Diamonds

Browse the Eterneva diamond options above. Cremation diamond costs will vary based on color, shape, and carat. Once you know what you're interested in, schedule your consultation call. If you need guidance selecting a diamond, give us a call at (512) 766-5011 or email at

Have a Consultation

Once you select your diamond and fill out the order form, we will have a consultation call to review your diamond selection and plan for your setting. During this call we will also explain every step of the process and answer any questions. 

Make Deposit

After your consultation call, you put a $100 deposit down on your Eterneva diamond, and we will send you the shipping kit with everything you need to securely send us your loved one's ashes to begin the process of creating your memorial diamond.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Eterneva memorial diamond a real diamond? 

Yes. Given that all diamonds are made from Carbon, memorial diamonds are chemically and optically the same as mined diamonds or regular lab-grown diamonds, they simply use Carbon from the ashes of a loved one versus an earth-derived carbon source.

How can you tell a memorial diamond from a regular diamond? 

Because memorial diamonds are real diamonds, it's nearly impossible for even gemologists to tell the difference between a memorial and regular diamond. To differentiate them, every Eterneva diamond carries a personal engraving or an Eterneva inscription on the girdle of the diamond, which can be seen under a 10x loop.

Why do memorial diamonds cost more than regular diamonds? 

It is far more complex to grow a memorial diamond than a regular diamond. Ashes must go through a carbon purification process, and each order is grown in isolation, to prevent cross-contamination. Conversely, regular diamonds are grown or mined in large batches, allowing for economies of scale. Unlike regular diamonds, memorial diamonds also pre-guarantee a size, quality, and color, which sometimes requires multiple cultivation attempts to achieve a perfect outcome.  

How long does it take to create an Eterneva diamond? 

On average, the memorial diamond process takes between 6-8 months. This includes ashes purification, diamond cultivation, cutting, polishing, setting design, and shipping time. Timing is predicated on the color and size of diamond, and whether you're designing a custom setting. 

How much hair or ashes are required? 

To grow between 1-3 diamonds, we need at least 8 oz of cremated ashes or hair, which is equal to about one cup. If sending ashes, please send powdery ashes over bone pieces because they contain more carbon. If you're looking for more than 3 diamonds, give us a call to advise on the amount to send. 

How does Eterneva keep track of my loved ones ashes? 

We have a meticulously thoughtful process, based heavily on quality controls. Your loved ones ashes are transmitted in tagged containers, then checked, verified, and signed off on along each step of the way, which we communicate with you via email. We’re also happy to provide photos of the diamond creation process upon request, which will give you confidence and comfort in the high-quality delivery of our services.

How do I send the ashes to you? 

After having your consultation call with the Eterneva team, confirming your order, and putting the $100 deposit down, we will send you a shipping kit with everything you need to safely and securely send us your ashes. The kit has detailed instructions on what to do. We use USPS Priority Mail, as they are the only shipping provider legally allowed to transport ashes. 

How are my loved one's ashes incorporated into the diamond? 

Personal carbon derived from the ashes of your loved one are placed into a high pressure, high temperature environment to initiate the growth of the Eterneva Diamond. We add additional carbon to create compression - creating a structurally sound, high quality diamond. We believe your loved one deserves to be preserved beautifully, so we use every technique possible to grow the highest quality diamond.