Growing Diamonds from Ashes

Carbon is a key component of all known life on Earth. A versatile element, it is the basic building block to all cells in the human body. Carbon also exists in nature, and under high pressure and temperature, transforms into a rare, pure diamond. By using new incredible technologies, Eterneva can purify your loved one's ashes until just carbon remains, and grow a stunning diamond structured by their DNA.

Eterneva diamonds are a breathtaking mix of art, science, and nature. They're meant for people who value connection, ancestry, and the grandeur of life.


When it Comes to Memorials, Nature Knows Best

Our founding team is obsessed with finding a better way to memorialize. Over hundreds of years, there hasn't been a lot of human innovation in this area, so we took to studying nature. Nature has figured out the art of beauty and preservation, with diamonds being the ultimate example. We had a hunch that because diamonds and humans are made from carbon, that nature's techniques could also be used to create a better memorial - in the form of a diamond. To do so, we needed to discover and unlock the physics of earth's growing conditions. 

An Incredible Scientific Breakthrough

Diamonds are born from intense fiery heat and pressure, so our partners, a top-regarded team of scientists in Amsterdam, set out to create an environment of unprecedented energy density. In their lab, they built a novel high pressure, high temperature press, and after thousands of scientific simulations, they were able to recreate the conditions in which nature forms diamonds. 

It starts with a tiny, crystallized diamond seed, a purified carbon source, and a metal growth catalyst. They place these ingredients between the anvils of our powerful hydraulic press, and apply over 1,200 degrees C of heat and over 50,000 atmospheres of pressure. As the temperature and pressure mount, the metal catalyst melts into a molten solution, and the carbon dissolves into it. With great care and control, they cool the solution, and one by one, the carbon atoms build on top of the crystal diamond seed, growing it into a jewelry-grade diamond. 

HPHT machine: h ow you turn human ashes or hair into diamonds


Sourcing Carbon from Ashes

After the high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) breakthrough, innovation continued. Our mission was to create stunning diamonds from human remains, so we needed to replace pure carbon (graphite) with human carbon. Through continued partnership with the scientific community, we discovered a novel process to extract carbon from ashes and hair. And after years of effort, it became possible to turn ashes to diamonds, and grow a near flawless stone. 

Masterful Cuts and Artisanal Designs

After months in development, a rough Eterneva stone is born, and passed onto our masterful cutters to be cut and polished into a beautifully faceted diamond. We selectively work with the best cutters, who optimize for polished weight and faceted finish, because cutting quality is most important to the brilliance of a diamond.

All Eterneva diamonds are graded by industry-respected IGI Gemologists, and you receive an authenticated grading report, not just a lab record.

Eterneva diamonds are incredibly special, so they deserve to be featured in captivating, timeless settings. We've sought out boutique, master designers whose work is unique, timeless, and of the highest quality. You can choose from our curated selection of original pieces or design your own bespoke piece with an Eterneva artist. Akin to our master cutters, we are highly selective with our artisan partnerships, so while a photo may look similar to what you see on other websites, the quality of materials and craftsmanship will be unmatched elsewhere.

How they cut a cremation diamond

Human ashes that will be turned into a diamond

Ethical, Special, Above-and-Beyond Process

Today, Eterneva runs the most ethical, special, above-and-beyond process to bring life to your loved one's legacy. We take extra measures to handle their ashes with care, and have thorough quality control at every point in our process. 

Unlike existing memorial options (headstones, caskets, urns), Eterneva diamonds are unique, and special for our deserving loved ones. Our production is boutique, so unlike the vast quantities of headstones crowding cemeteries every year, it's a rare and special honor to become an Eterneva diamond.  

It is far from easy to make a diamond, and as we push the envelope on the size and color of the diamond, we will ensure that we achieve perfection no matter how many attempts it takes. Regardless, Eterneva is here to preserve legacies, so we refuse to settle for anything short of perfect.