7 Reasons Families Are Creating Memorial Diamonds Through Eterneva

 Written by Garrett Ozar

Thousands of people are flocking to a young company Eterneva, for a meaningful way of honoring a loved one. Their innovative ashes to diamonds process and magical customer journey have caught the attention of celebrities and national media alike. Why do people love Eterneva? We found out:

Big Al & Diamond

1. The diamond bring up positive emotions

When your loved one’s sparkle catches your eye, it brings up the opposite emotions of seeing their urn on a mantle. You’re reminded of their vibrancy, your connection, and all the good times together, rather than being reminded that they’re gone.

frame_1349 (2).jpg

2. You can take them everywhere you go

When you lose a special person, we want to feel connected to them, but urns and grave sites tend to drive us apart. By wearing your diamond, we can take them everywhere we go and have them with you during important life milestones.


3. It keeps their legacy alive

As time goes by, grave sites are visited less, and urns rarely made it past a generation. What’s special about your diamond is that it becomes a family heirloom, and will be passed down for generations.


4. It’s a small amount of ashes or hair

Eterneva can extract carbon from both ashes and hair, so you can still do this if your loved one plans to be buried. You only need ½ a cup of ashes to create a diamond, allowing for other ceremonial options.

frame_2922 (1).jpg

5. The journey is as special as the diamond

Over the eight month process, Eterneva gives you something to look forward to, with monthly pictures, videos, and updates. Eterneva learns all about your loved one, posts their picture on the wall, and helps you keep their story alive. At the end, they hand-deliver your diamond.  

Adelle & Tracey

6. Their founder was their first customer

Eterneva was born after their co-founder Adelle lost her close friend Tracy to cancer. Adelle became Eterneva’s first customer, which allowed her to see first-hand the importance of transparency and having something to look forward to after loss.


7. It becomes your most cherished possession

Eterneva customers say over and over again their diamond is now their most cherished possession, and was the best money they’ve ever spent.


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