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Rick had a larger than life personality. He was an avid cigar smoker and tennis/paddle tennis player. He loved his pool and his three dogs, but mostly he was an incredible husband, father, and friend. He was the founder of White Oak Realty Partners.

Rick had a big persona, was kind, honest to a fault, blunt, quick witted, and the brightest real estate mind we have known.  He was a gentle giant and true man in full. While we move forward, life can never be the same without him, however his guidance and mentorship sticks with us and will forever carry us in the right direction.

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Entry #

Jan 8, 2020

Ricky's Journey to Becoming a Diamond

Ricky's ashes are back at the Eterneva labs, and we are ready to begin the journey to becoming a diamond. Now, Ricky's ashes will be put into a crucible that will go through a purification process.

When that is finished, his ashes will be carbon in the form of graphite. This is the material we will put in the diamond growth cell to grow his diamond. In your next update, you’ll get to see the graphite as we open the crucible for the first time. Stay tuned!

Listen to Ricky's Favorite Artist:

Entry #

Feb 28, 2020

The First Transformation

Ricky’s ashes have been purified and are now pure carbon in the form of graphite. The purified ashes are on their way to Germany where the best of the best memorial diamond growth scientists work. There, they will put the graphite into a growth cell and then into a machine that mimics the earth’s mantle in pressure and temperature. Soon, we’ll be sending an update of his rough diamond!

One of Ricky's Favorite Sayings...

"Happy wife, happy life!"

Entry #

Jun 25, 2020

In the Best Hands

Ricky’s rough diamond is beautiful! Now, the diamond will head to Antwerp, Belgium to be hand cut by Eterneva’s master diamond cutters. Master diamond cutters spend decades perfecting their craft, and hand cut every single facet of the diamond. Diamonds have upward of 58 facets. In fact, one of the world’s youngest master diamond cutters will be working on Ricky’s diamond. He is 56 years old.

Entry #

Jul 10, 2020

A Remarkable Diamond

Ricky’s diamond has been cut, polished and engraved. It is absolutely perfect, and so brilliant! This remarkable transformation and journey is almost complete. Next, the diamond will begin planning for the homecoming.

Here is the photo of the cut diamond -

Here is the photo of the engraving -

Keep Ricky's Story Alive

When we lose a remarkable person, the most important thing we can do is keep talking about them!

The purpose of this page is to celebrate Ricky. By recording stories about him, we allow future generations to get a sense of who he is (versus impersonal facts in an obituary).

Leave a comment below to share a positive memory you have about Ricky, or a way he influenced your life! Condolences are kind, but please hold this space for positive stories & memories about him.