Eterneva Blueprint enables you to pre-plan, design, and lock in pricing on a future Diamond for yourself or a loved one who has not yet passed, with a payment schedule that suits you.

Payment plans start from as low as $32 a month
Looking to grow a diamond for a loved one that has already passed? Click here

“I have told my family for years I want to be a diamond”

Whether it is your desire to one day be transformed into a Diamond, or you have a remarkable person or pet in mind, our Blueprint Diamond pre plan offering now makes this possible.

Pre-planning your Diamond ensures peace of mind.


Indicate the beneficiary for your Diamond.


Select the features of your future Diamond (cut, color, size, engraving)

Set Payment Terms

Pay in full or select from flexible payment terms of 1, 3, 5, or 10 years with plans beginning at just $32/month.

Upon completion of your payment plan, you will receive a certificate of ownership for filing and estate planning.

Blueprint delivers a number of benefits

Your Legacy, On your terms

You have full control over your own future Diamond arrangements ahead of time

“This is what my mom wants us to do with her ashes”
Peace of Mind

Pre-planning your future Diamond helps prepare and ease the burden on those close to you at your passing

“I’ve told my husband and all my kids this is what i want done with my ashes!”
Designed by you

You can plan as little or as much of your future Diamond as you like, including the quantity, color, size, shape and inscription.

“I want to be made into a Diamond to place in a ring to pass down to my children”
A guaranteed price

Blueprint guarantees your future Diamond at today’s price, irrespective of the time that elapses between paying for your future Diamond(s) and your passing

“We did this for my mom as her final wish and we are so happy we did!”

It would be our honor to help you plan your future Diamond

Commonly asked questions

What are the benefits of pre planning my future Diamond?

Ensure that you are remembered in a way that is meaningful to you, while giving your loved ones a special way to hold you close. Avoid burdening loved ones with logistics and cost; instead, rest assured you’re gifting them a bright and healing journey to help them move forward. 

By pre-planning, you get to lock in today’s pricing and exactly the Diamond design you desire.

What are the payment options for my future Diamond?

Pay in full, or pay over 12 months, 36 months, 60 months, and 120 Month options are available.

Will I receive any documentation to prove that I have prepaid?

Yes, you will receive a certified document

How do you make a Diamond from Ashes?

Heat, pressure, time, and carbon. That’s what’s needed for a Diamond to form in the earth’s mantle. Our amazing machines can simulate these same conditions, and grow a real Diamond from the carbon in ashes or hair.

We only need ½ a cup of ashes, so your family will only need to provide a small amount to do this.

Read How it Works

What is a beneficiary?

This is the designated person that you want to inherit your Diamond. You can think about it as the person you are gifting the Eterneva Journey to.

How do I assign a beneficiary for my Diamond?

As you are creating your login, we will prompt you to provide your beneficiary’s information prior to selecting your Eterneva Diamond. Don’t worry though - if you want to change your beneficiary down the line, you can always do so from your profile upon logging in.

What decisions do I need to make about my future Diamond, today?

You will select your Diamond’s color, size, cut, and what you would like your custom engraving to say. If you would like to change your Diamond after pre-paying, simply reach out to us at [email protected] and we can support

In what locations are Eterneva Diamonds grown?

Eterneva has growth facilities in both Texas and Europe. Since lab-grown diamond technology originated from Europe, we have some of the best scientists located over there. 

We’ve since opened a Texas facility as well so our customers can come see our process in-person (contact us for a tour anytime!). The size and color diamond you choose will determine which Eterneva facility your diamond is grown at. Rest assured there will be world leading experts taking great care of your loved one and we follow strict chain of custody protocols, working on one loved one at a time.

Can I preplan for someone else’s Diamond?

Yes, with Blueprint you can either pre-plan for your own Diamond OR prepay for someone else’s Diamond - like a parent, spouse, or pet.

Many people choose to pre-plan for peace of mind, knowing that when the difficult day comes, they won’t have to make arrangements while they’re grieving, and instead have something positive and hopeful to look forward to and focus on.

Can I preplan for more than one Diamond?

Of course! Many people choose to pre-plan and pay for Diamonds for their significant other and children to inherit.

You can customize each individual Diamond’s size, color, and shape as you see fit!