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Turn ashes into a cremation diamond

No life should be forgotten.

Every life tells a great story and deserves to be remembered. Yet memorials are antiquated and inadequate. A one time event and a slab of stone. We believe our loved ones deserve better.

Eterneva radically redefines the way we memorialize, by turning ashes into memorial diamonds. Diamonds are forever, so they will keep your loved one's legacy alive generation through generation. 

Scattered group of colorless memorial diamonds
Older woman in a pool

Eterneva Diamonds

One of a kind real cremation diamonds, masterfully cut to let their legacy sparkle on. 

Masterfully Cut

Cremation Diamond Up Close in Tweezers

Personally Engraved

Custom Engraving on Girdle of Memorial Diamond

Custom Settings

Cremation Diamond Cufflinks
Jeweler studying a cremation diamond under a loop

Cremation Diamond Process

Using new incredible technologies, Eterneva can purify your human loved one's ashes or pet's ashes until just carbon remains, and grow a stunning diamond structured by their DNA.


They Deserve to Be a Diamond.