At Eterneva, we cherish the profound impact of collaboration with services that help families with their loved one's "transitions". We believe that through our shared commitment and partnership, we can offer unparalleled support to those in mourning, transforming their journey of grief into a celebration of life. Our mission is to collaborate with you in honoring extraordinary lives, crafting everlasting tributes that not only commemorate but also inspire healing and remembrance.

Why Become an Eterneva Partner?

Eterneva offers customers a grief healing journey, after which they receive a beautiful, lasting gift and memorial. We keep the customer and our partners informed every step of the way so you always know what stage the journey is in. We also give our partners the opportunity to celebrate with families at the homecoming, a joyous occasion when the diamond comes home. We know how important your clients are to you and we want to help provide a bright, positive experience to help bring light in a dark time.

Eterneva Loved Ones

How it works

Starting price
Ashes or hair needed
2 tbsp - 1/2 cup


You know your family best

After you submit your family's information on our referral form, we’ll work with the family to start their loved one's diamond journey. We’ll send all the tools needed to collect the ashes or hair to start the journey.


A remarkable transformation

Their ashes or hair will then be purified to isolate the carbon. As soon as we get their carbon back, you and their loved ones will get a first look with the Eterneva team at the sparkly material your ashes or hair have transformed into.


A diamond emerges

Their carbon will be put into a diamond growth cell and grown in the Eterneva diamond growth lab. All diamonds are grown individually, and you and their loved ones will get regular video updates of the entire growth journey.


Cut, polished, set by masters

Once their raw diamond has emerged, it’s time to cut, polish, color, grade, and set it in pieces they can carry with them into their next chapter.
You then get to experience the ultimate homecoming of their loved one's diamond!

real stories


We have not seen memorial diamonds as a trend because there hasn’t been a company that offers it the way Eterneva does. They get it. It isn’t just about the diamond, but rather it is about the experience of creating the diamond."
-- Randy Schoedinger, Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services


is remarkable

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