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Celebration of Life

2 Chainz discovers how six figures can make six feet under one ballin' after party.

This Founder Is Helping People Turn Their Loved Ones Into Diamonds

The 27-year-old founder helps people deal with loss in a unique way. The cost? Around $7,000 per diamond.

How Austin startup Eterneva turns recently deceased into diamonds - Austin Business Journal

The enormous potential market is part of what enticed Adelle Archer and her fellow co-founders. To tap it, however, requires an intensely personal public-relations strategy. That approach is part of what differentiates Eterneva Inc. from its competitors in the memorial-diamond arena, Archer said.

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Yes, You Really Can Turn Into A Diamond When You Die

Most people, when asked what should be done with their bodies when they leave this earth, consider two options: burial or cremation. Choose the former and your family may spring for a pricy coffin and gravestone; the latter will land you in a nice urn atop a mantel, or perhaps scattered among the ocean waves.

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Customer Testimonials

“Diamond delivery day was a very special homecoming for my husband Wes. I thank everyone at Eterneva from the bottom of my heart for such a special journey.”
— Cindy Smith Bunch
Eterneva’s service through the process is so wonderful. Dealing with loved ones who are left behind - that is really your business, and you do it so well.”
— Elissa Dillon
What I totally didn’t expect, is for Eterneva to take the time to understand what made my Dad so special, post his picture in their office, and celebrate him on their social media.”
— Philip Foreman
“It’s a big decision and isn’t inexpensive, but I would do it all over again because you can’t put a price tag on the experience they provided, and our diamonds, which we’ll treasure forever.”
— Gina Sticka