Eterneva Co-Founders: Adelle Archer & Garrett Ozar

How It All Began


At Eterneva, we believe in the power of innovation and raising the standard. In this day and age, we believe you deserve a high standard for life and death. Technology continues to improve our living standards, yet the way we memorialize people is stuck in the dark ages.

Hundreds of years ago, we memorialized our loved ones with a one-time event and a headstone. Since then, not much has changed. And now, in our busy 24/7 world, we have less time to visit cemeteries, so the memories of our loved ones are fading through the generations.

We believe our loved ones deserve better, so we're using new technology to radically redefine the way we memorialize. By turning ashes into diamonds, we rejuvenate memorials and created a way to preserve a lasting legacy for them.


Founder’s Story

"In 2015, my mentor Tracey was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given three months to live. She was only 47 years old. A senior executive at a tech company in Austin, she had already accomplished much yet really was just getting started. She was afraid that she would die before having had the chance to create a legacy. 

What she didn’t know was that she had already made her mark on the world. When news of her diagnosis spread, people wrote to her with stories of how she had personally impacted their lives. Tracey died knowing that she had left the legacy she always wanted. 

As a guardian of Tracey's ashes, I chose to have them turned into a black diamond to capture her sparkling spirit, and ensure that her legacy lives on. It's in Tracey's honor that I'm working to help thousands of families preserve their own loved ones' legacies."

- Adelle Archer, Eterneva Co-Founder

The Eterneva Difference

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We Treat Your Loved One Like Our Own

Having gone through the diamond process ourselves, we learned peace of mind is everything. Consequently, we go above and beyond other companies with our care-taking of ashes, quality controls, and communications at every stage. 

Diamonds Cut by Master Artisans

Eterneva diamonds stand apart from other memorial diamonds because we've selectively partnered with the world's best cutters, who's fine, artisanal techniques maximize the brilliance of the diamond. 


Eterneva Hierloom Designers

We've sought out boutique designers to create a collection of beautiful hierloom pieces - from jewelry, to cuff links, to plaques - to feature your Eterneva diamond in. You can also choose to design your own setting with an Eterneva artist.