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Founders with a heartfelt mission

After losing her dear friend and mentor, Eterneva Co-founder Adelle Archer was looking for a new way to memorialize a remarkable life. After finding the memorial options for ashes to be underwhelming, she and partner Garrett Ozar set out to create a more meaningful experience, one grounded in the concept of re-connecting with your loved one.

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The life that started it all

"In 2015, my mentor Tracey was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given three months to live. She was only 47 years old. A senior executive at a tech company in Austin, she had already accomplished much yet really was just getting started. She was afraid that she would die before having had the chance to create a legacy.

What she didn’t know was that she had already made her mark on the world. When news of her diagnosis spread, people wrote to her with stories of how she had personally impacted their lives. Tracey died knowing that she had left the legacy she always wanted.

As a guardian of Tracey's ashes, I chose to have them turned into a black diamond to capture her sparkling spirit, and ensure that her legacy lives on."

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It's in Tracey's honor that I'm working to help thousands of families preserve their own loved ones' legacies.

The Eterneva promise

Listen and understand

We know losing a loved one is devastating beyond words, so we’re not here to offer platitudes. We know that grief is a long journey. We’re here to listen and talk about your loved one. Our hope is to bring brightness to an otherwise tough time.

Craft every moment to be personal

Having gone through the diamond process ourselves, we learned peace of mind is everything. Consequently, we go above and beyond other companies by how we care for your loved one's ashes, our quality control measures, and our transparent communication at every stage.

Acknowledge the legacy that was earned

The diamond is a symbol that is earned by the loved one who passed. A symbol that their character had the power to make people better versions of themselves. We strive to share that remarkable character with the world.

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A team with a shared vision

We’re hard-working, over-communicating, honest and real. And we’re also customers. This is less of a company and more of a calling for all of us. Get to know us and hear our personal reasons for working at Eterneva.

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Real reviews

We are humbled to get to serve remarkable loved ones and customers, and set a high bar to provide them an unforgettable experience.
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Denise Gray
Eterneva Reviews | 5 Stars

This was the most amazing process.  After speaking with Jacob, I was at ease with sending my child’s ashes to him. From the first day to the time I received the most perfect blue diamond, communication was the best. I was updated on every moment of change.  Upon receiving my baby back, I was able to not only meet Jacob, but I got to meet Adelle and Garrett. I will never be able to thank them enough.

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Alyssa Hagerty
Eterneva Reviews | 5 Stars

Adelle the owner was amazing!  She made me feel secure with my decision and she made me feel like I was a part of the Eterneva family. And that my dad was in good hands.  I am very grateful for Adelle and Eterneva family to welcome me and my dad Into the family. Thank you sooo much for everything!  I love the diamond. I recommend Eterneva to everyone!

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Teresa Rusnak
Eterneva Reviews | 5 Stars

Garrett was so incredibly sensitive and caring throughout the entire diamond making process. I get to be close to my baby girl every day because of this amazing gift. It has made the passing of Lucy more bearable. Now, she truly is "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". Thank you to the entire team for all of your support and kindness.

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"It's my responsibility to make some plans for the future so that my kids don't have to worry about it." - Kris Jenner
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"A diamond lasts more than a single generation, the way an urn of ashes won't," says the 27-year-old entrepreneur. "Nobody wants to inherit that, but they of course want to inherit their great-grandfather's diamond."
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"Eterneva is turning something around here, and can really give people some cognitive relief when they lose someone." — 2 Chainz, Most Expensivist
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