A Space to Feel: The Class by Taryn Toomey

While there is a general structure to every class (each one includes at least one full song length of burpees), the experience shifts based on the emotional state of both the teacher and the student. “Once you learn the structure of The Class, you can find freedom in it and bring your own passion and conversation so you can deliver it in a way that is authentic to you,” says Gossett.


If you were to watch The Class you would witness a sea of humans sweating, vocalizing their releases, and jumping their way through an endless sequence of movements. What is it about this seemingly bizarre workout that women, and some men, are resonating with? “We are up against a current of so much feedback from the outside world, we are always looking at social media, looking at what other people are doing,” says Toomey. “What we are doing in The Class is actually turning that inward and allowing people to connect with their bodies and how they are feeling.”

The teachers don’t throw on any old playlist during class, they carefully craft a set of songs each time, based on what’s going on in their lives and how they want their students to feel. “Music is my co-teacher, it does half the work,” says Toomey. Teachers use lyrics, rhythm, lifts and falls in music to keep students in the movement and to create an emotional experience. Toomey relies heavily on singer-song writers because their raw emotion comes through and creates the right kind of energy for people to release. Given the time invested in, and personal nature of these playlists, instructors.