Eterneva Ashes to Diamonds Co-Founder Makes Inc's "30 Under 30"

The Eterneva team is excited to announce that our founder, Adelle Archer, is featured in Inc’s 2018 “30 Under 30” list!

While this award is humbling for the 27-year-old female trailblazer, it comes to little surprise for the rest of the Eterneva team. Eterneva, by the way, celebrates remarkable people and pets by turning their ashes into diamonds.

Adelle Archer, Eterneva Co-Founder

Adelle Archer, Eterneva Co-Founder

“Adelle is a force to be reckoned with,” says fellow co-founder Garrett Ozar.

“She is a student in nearly every aspect of business, always pushing us and herself to improve. She’s equal parts vision and execution, which is everything you want in a co-founder.”

Her nickname in grade school was “Ambitious Adelle,” and everyone knew her to dream larger than most can imagine. After graduating valedictorian of her MBA class, she made a name for herself in the tech industry as one of the best go-to-market leaders in Austin.

Her mentor at the time, Tracey Kaufman, was an executive in the tech space and provided guidance and support for Adelle. Tracey saw something special in Adelle, and Adelle never took that for granted.

Tracey Kaufman

Tracey Kaufman

When Adelle suddenly lost Tracey to cancer, she was devastated. Tracey was not only Adelle’s mentor, but one of her closest friends. “It was a really hard time for me. It made both life and death very real,” says Adelle.

Adelle knew she wanted more for Tracey then have her ashes sit in her closet or have them in an urn or a trinket necklace. “These things all felt cheap, uninspiring, and not deserving of someone like her. If you’ve had someone you thought the world of pass away, I’m sure you can relate.”

Adelle and her co-founders felt like there ought to be a better option to honor someone, so they figured out how to extract carbon from ashes and grow a diamond.

Now, Adelle can carry Tracey with her everywhere she goes, in the form of a beautiful diamond. "It reassures me to know I can look down, see her diamond sparkling up at me, and know what Tracey would say at a pivotal moment," says Adelle. 

Black Diamond

"What we do definitely takes people by surprise," Says Adelle. "When someone asks, 'what do you do?' I joke with them, 'you might want to sit down for this.' The first reaction is fascination - some absolutely love it, while others are wary of the new. And that’s awesome because it means we’re doing something innovative to even have an adoption curve."

But when you peel back a layer on the business, you’ll hear a lot of incredible stories. Eterneva doesn't do any outbound marketing, so every customer came to them.

Growing a diamond is definitely not for everyone. It’s something that people seek out for remarkable people and pets. “These special people did life right and touched the lives of everyone that knew them. They’re the kind of spirits that shouldn’t go forgotten, so it’s only fitting to eternalize them as something beautiful and forever lasting,” says Adelle.

Adelle is obsessed with serving Eterneva customers, and enabling them to open up and talk about their remarkable loved ones

“I’m so grateful for the 30 Under 30 acknowledgement, because it’s a huge nod of mainstream credibility and acceptance to our customers doing something so bold and beautiful," says Adelle, “I’ve learned about grace, resilience and unconditional love from these people, and am blown away every day by their thoughtfulness.”

Here are the stories of what a few customers are doing with their diamonds:

"Thank you Inc for this incredible honor! We are proud of where Eterneva is today, grateful for the customers who have supported us, and look forward to being a positive force for ensuring remarkable people aren’t forgotten!” 

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