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JoEllen, or as her loved ones called her, Jojo, was a force of nature, youthful, and energetic! Her big personality and genuine curiosity and interest in people made her a natural in front of the camera on her TV show Tellin' JoEllen, a dating show for singles. Jojo adored her family and friends above all else and enjoyed hosting parties for any occasion, big or small! She especially loved spending time laughing and playing with her many grandchildren. Jojo is known and remembered by all for her positive and vibrant personality and her undeniable passion for life.

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Entry #

Nov 2, 2020

Jojo's Journey to Becoming a Diamond Begins

Jojo's ashes are back at the Eterneva labs, and we are ready to begin the journey to becoming a diamond. Now, Jojo's ashes will be put into a crucible that will go through a purification process. When that is finished, her ashes will be carbon in the form of graphite. This is the material we will put in the diamond growth cell to grow her diamond! In your next update, you’ll get to see the graphite as we open the crucible for the first time. Stay tuned!

Entry #

Jan 11, 2021

The First Transformation

Jojo's ashes have successfully been purified and are now pure carbon in the form of graphite! To prepare her carbon for the growth stage, we will mill it into a super fine powder. This is the starter material for her diamond! The closure of this phase is a big and exciting milestone! We are now ready to grow her diamond.

Entry #

Mar 4, 2021

In the Best Hands

Jojo’s rough diamond is stunning! Now, her diamond will be hand cut by Eterneva’s master diamond cutters. Master diamond cutters spend decades perfecting their craft, and hand cut every single facet of the diamond. Diamonds have upward of 58 facets! We cannot wait to share Jojo's cut diamond with you soon.

Here is a picture of Jojo's rough diamond! -

Entry #

Apr 14, 2021

A Remarkable Diamond

Jojo’s diamond has been cut and polished. It is absolutely perfect! Bright and sparkly, just like Jojo. This remarkable transformation and journey is almost complete. Next, her diamond will head off to IGI for diamond grading and engraving!

Entry #

May 28, 2021

Jojo's Diamond Homecoming

After being engraved and set, Jojo's diamond is finally home with Theo! He had Jojo's diamond set in a beautiful brooch she had given to him, making it that much more special. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to celebrate the one and only Jojo and hope that her diamond brings Theo comfort and joy every time he looks at it.

Jojo's Set Diamond

Keep Jojo's Story Alive

When we lose a remarkable person, the most important thing we can do is keep talking about them!

The purpose of this page is to celebrate Jojo. By recording stories about her, we allow future generations to get a sense of who she is.

Leave a comment below to share a positive memory you have about Jojo, or a way she influenced your life! Condolences are kind, but please hold this space for positive stories & memories about her.