Memorial Diamonds Purpose

The Gift Kit - $98

Want to gift an Eterneva diamond to a family member or friend? Order the Gift Kit to reveal that you’re treating them to an exciting journey.

The Git Kit contains:
• A video brochure about Eterneva and the diamonds from ashes process
• Three videos: About Eterneva, About the Process, and a Customer Story
• A cable for you to record and upload your own personal video message

After your order the gift kit, a member of our team will reach out so we can talk you through additional personalization, how to present the gift, next steps, and to learn more about the person you’re gifting to and the life we’re honoring together.

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Real Stories

Thank you so much for being so informative and attentive... It's so nice to have something like this to look forward to; to know that I'm working toward having a piece of her with me at all times. I think what you are doing is amazing!

- devin g.

How it works

Starting price
Ashes or hair needed
2 tbsp - 1/2 cup


You know your customer best

We’ll work with you to help sign your customer up and start the journey to turn their loved one into a diamond. We’ll send all the tools needed to collect the ashes or hair to start the journey.


A remarkable transformation

Their ashes or hair will then be purified to isolate the carbon. As soon as we get their carbon back, you and their loved ones will get a first look with the Eterneva team at the sparkly material your ashes or hair have transformed into.


A diamond emerges

Their carbon will be put into a diamond growth cell and grown in the Eterneva diamond growth lab. All diamonds are grown individually, and you and their loved ones will get regular video updates of the entire growth journey.


Cut, polished, set by masters

Once their raw diamond has emerged, it’s time to cut, polish, color, grade, and set it in pieces they can carry with them into their next chapter.

Want to start the process now with your hair?

watch the process video