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Turn ashes into diamonds

Turn ashes into diamonds

They Deserve to Be Remembered.

As we approach death, we have one preoccupation: “Will I be remembered?” We wonder if our great grandkids will know about us, and worry if we have done enough to leave a legacy.

Yet legacies are not reserved for heroes and legends; every life tells a great story and deserves a legacy that lives on. 

Eterneva is radically redefining the way we memorialize, by turning ashes into diamonds. We believe in preserving legacies in a significant and beautiful way. One that will be proudly passed on and cherished by future generations (in a way that ashes won't).

Eterneva Diamonds

One-of-a-kind, real diamonds grown from ashes, masterfully cut to refract the vibrancy of their spirit. Crafted with artistry, handled with integrity, respect, and transparency. 

Human ashes into diamond

Impeccably Created

Every Eterneva diamond spawns from an intricate, six part process. Beginning with the Carbon purification of ashes, a rough diamond is cultivated, cut, polished, engraved, and finally set in a unique, bespoke heirloom.

Diamonds from ashes with personal engraving

Personally Engraved

With fine laser technology we personally engrave the girdle of your loved one's Eterneva diamond with their name and provide you with a 15x loop to observe this unique and beautiful detail. 

Human ashes into diamonds with pear cut

Tailor-Made Remembrances

Eterneva diamonds are tailor-made remembrances, allowing you to elect every detail to best suit your loved one. From the color to the shape, to the heirloom setting in which they will rest for eternity.

Cindy Smith Bunch

Customer Story

"I Did it for Wes."

"This process meant a lot to me and was something I really wanted to do for Wes. I loved the idea of having a part of him with me all the time. At first it was scary sending his ashes away, but it was totally worth it. His diamond is beautiful, and I’ve set it in a ring he gave me years ago."
- Cindy Smith Bunch 

Create an heirloom to be passed down through the generations

Eterneva diamonds are personal, so their settings should be too. You can have your diamond set locally with your jeweler, or one of our talented jewelers can help you design your own piece. 

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They Deserve to Be a Diamond.