I-15 — Utah 

Early morning. I’m on the interstate, driving home from the gym. The sun is a pale yellow ribbon along the horizon that makes me think of you. 

Princeton. My Princey Prince. 

Remember when we used to drive together, just you and me? We drove cross country from New York to California two months after I adopted you. You were my pint-sized protector, barking anytime someone approached the car, stowing away in my purse whenever I had to go inside somewhere. 

You were so unlike other tiny dogs. You never yipped. Or yapped. You were outgoing and genuinely happy to see everyone. 

If I had to describe you in one word, that would be it. Happy. 

You had this gorgeous yellow aura about you. I saw it once. It was this beautiful, bright canary yellow that radiated from you and faded into pure white. 

You led me to my husband, the love of my life. And you were always there through the difficult times to make me smile. That was your gift to me: Happiness. 

Even after you passed, through the heartache and pain, I remember a wave of euphoria washed over me. It felt like I was riding a rollercoaster. And I knew, in that moment, you were letting me know what you were feeling on the other side. I had a vision of yellow rays of light illuminating your path. You turned around and I heard a voice: “I’ll be there by tonight. It takes about four hours.” 

You passed on a Sunday. It was Mother’s Day. Little did I know that later that week, I would receive a benevolent email about French Bulldog puppies that were…four hours away. 

Harvard (Harvey) was born the day after you passed. I used to think he was you reincarnated, but now I know that he is his own dog and that you’re simply a part of him. Every time I see him spin and run away like you used to, or the way he knows your tricks and commands without ever having been taught them, I know that’s you checking in on us. You brought Harvey into our lives and put a little bit of yourself in the mix, too. 

The Diamond that Eterneva grew from your ashes and hair is a beautiful canary yellow. Just like your aura I saw that day. And the sun-drenched grass of your final resting place…the rays of golden light that guided you to Heaven. The setting is a paw print, that also looks like a crown when you turn it—how fitting—and I wear it on a ring every day. Now, I get to appreciate your happiness, warmth, and shine for years to come. 

Your purpose on this earth was to help me find mine. And for that, I am eternally grateful. You led me to Eterneva, where I started off as a customer and am presently leading the Eterneva Care Team. Now I have the privilege of helping other people welcome their loved one’s Diamonds home. 

Making people happy was your legacy, Princeton. Now, we can do it together. 💛

Love always, 

Mom 🐾