A memorial solution that encourages funeral professionals to think outside of the box

Nikki Lewis is a Funeral Director from Schoedinger Northwest Chapel in Ohio. She loves the opportunity to offer families an experience that fits their needs and perfectly honors their loved ones, whether it's a special song, attention to detail, or a unique memorial product such as an Eterneva Diamond.

Q:  How do you start the conversation about Eterneva when meeting with families?

A:  It definitely varies. There are some families that have heard about Eterneva on Instagram or online and open with asking questions about things they have seen. There are other families that may appear like this would not be an option and then we talk about it on the Uniquely Remembered tile in HMIS+. And then there are other times when it organically comes to the surface because that’s just the path the conversation is taking. Maybe you comment on a piece of jewelry someone is wearing, or maybe someone shares with you that their mom’s eyes were blue, and “Do you have any mini urns in blue?”

Q: Do you mind sharing your personal experience about being in the process yourself right now with having a Diamond being created from Nina, Reggie and Monte?

A: I lost both of my 13 year old weimaraner’s, Nina and Reggie, a couple years ago. I loved the two of them dearly and losing them hit me pretty hard. Last summer, my husband convinced me to finally get another dog, and we added a mini bernadoodle, Monte, to the family. I am growing an Eterneva Diamond using the ashes of both Nina and Reggie and some hair from Monte to make a 1-carat colorless stone. All three of these guys are super special to me. I have shared with multiple families about my own personal Eterneva Diamond Journey, always mentioning how anxious and excited I get when I see a message in my inbox from Eterneva. I genuinely look forward to the correspondence that comes along with the journey. I am eagerly awaiting the return of my diamond!

Q: When you first learned about Eterneva, what were your first thoughts as a Funeral Director?

A:  When I first learned about Eterneva, I was curious to see how this company was different from the diamond company we were previously using. The process of creating a diamond from ashes is not anything new. I was interested and pleased to see the way Eterneva was able to take this year-long process and find a way to include the family in it. The testimonials and video clips they created were powerful. It was undeniable after learning a little about their process how moving this could be for a family.

Q:   As a solid voice and champion in the funeral industry, what do you feel most compelled to share about Eterneva with your fellow colleagues?

A:  I love being able to offer families memorial products that they love and that fit their needs. I love hearing a family talk as they leave the funeral home after arrangements about how perfect something is that I connected them with; whether that means the perfect urn, the perfect song at the end of a service, or the perfect keepsake. I love being part of an organization that sees the future and recognizes that the needs of one family may be different than the needs of another. This is true for specific products as it is for individual diamonds, which is why when it comes to Eterneva, I encourage my colleagues to think outside of the box. You can make a diamond out of multiple peoples ashes, you can take one set of ashes and add a diamond to a special family heirloom piece of jewelry. You can use the hair, you can use flowers, you can use a swatch from a special piece of clothing. There are so many ways that this product can connect and resonate with families!