In his acclaimed novel Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom wrote, “Death ends a life, not a relationship. All the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here.” 

This is especially true for the love we share with our spouses. They are our truest friends and our life partners. When they pass, the relationship is not severed. Instead, it lives on in our hearts for eternity. A wedding ring remains the symbol of that undying love, and there are countless ways we can use that ring to celebrate the remarkable lives of our loved ones.

1. Wear Your Ring on Your Widow Ring Finger

During the healing process following this heartbreaking loss, you may decide to remove your wedding ring. However, not all of us choose to stop wearing our rings after our spouses pass. Wearing our wedding ring can help keep them with us and remind us of the love we still hold for them. 

It is common for widows to wear their wedding ring on their right ring finger rather than their left ring finger. This is a way to symbolize moving forward while still keeping the memory of your marriage close.

2. Add a Memorial Diamond to the Ring

Memorial diamonds are a beautiful and heartfelt way to celebrate those we have loved and lost. Memorial diamonds are diamonds made from loved ones’ cremated remains. These diamonds can be customized in shape, size, and color as a way to make the diamond as unique as your remarkable loved one

Adding a memorial diamond to your wedding ring is a meaningful way to celebrate your spouse. Placing their memorial diamond with the wedding ring they gave you creates a beautiful representation of their life and the memories you shared with them. Memorial diamonds pay tribute to our loved one’s life and represent their one-of-a-kind nature.

This priceless piece of jewelry can represent years of love, laughter, and precious moments, providing a way for you to keep your loved one with you as you journey through this new phase of your life.  "It really took that negative connotation around death and the cancer journey, and all of a sudden, it became something positive," shares Eterneva customer, David, who had his wife Roberta's (Bertie's) diamond incorporated into his wedding band. Discover more about David's diamond journey when you watch the video below! 

Both the creation of a memorial diamond and the act of wearing the diamond provide opportunities to share your loved one’s remarkable story and continue to celebrate your unbreakable connection.

#3: Bury It With Your Spouse

Perhaps you’ve decided that wearing your wedding ring isn’t the way in which you want to celebrate your loved one’s incredible life. We want to hold onto memories of our beloved, but some of us feel that wearing our wedding ring is a constant reminder of our loss. The grieving process looks different for everyone, and there are many ways to celebrate our remarkable spouse. 

If you have decided that you no longer want to wear your wedding ring, burying your ring with your spouse can be a meaningful experience that provides a sense of closure as we navigate our healing journey. 

When we bury our loved ones, we are honoring the life they lived while also symbolizing that we are moving forward. Burying your wedding ring with your spouse and their wedding ring can be a healing experience. 

#4: Keep It in the Family 

Family heirlooms are significant items that are handed down from generation to generation. For those who have decided that they no longer want to wear their wedding ring but want to keep it near, consider passing your wedding ring down to children or other immediate family members. 

Passing on a wedding ring is sentimental and holds immense value to the family. It is also a way to celebrate your loved one by providing opportunities to share their story for decades to come.

#5: Wear It as a Necklace 

Those who have lost a spouse may choose to wear their wedding ring as a necklace for a variety of reasons. 

Symbolically, a necklace lies close to the heart and easily catches the eye. This can help us create a constant reminder for ourselves and those around us that we’re carrying our loved one with us throughout our lives.

Some people may also choose to put their spouse’s wedding ring on the necklace as well. This is a simple yet meaningful way to represent the marriage covenant you made to each other. 

#6: Keep It in a Safe Place

If you do not desire to wear your wedding ring as a ring or a necklace but still want to keep it near to you, consider placing it into a ring box or a shadow box to keep it safe. 

You can have a ring box customized with your loved one’s initials or the date of your wedding anniversary. Ring boxes hold your wedding ring snugly, keeping it safe for as long as you desire to keep it. This can be a helpful way to protect your ring while you decide how you’d like to celebrate your loved one’s remarkable life. 

You can also consider storing your wedding ring inside a shadow box with some of your loved one’s belongings. Shadow boxes are enclosed glass display cases that hold important objects and memorabilia. As a tribute to your loved one’s life, you can place both of your wedding rings as well as other sentimental items into a shadow box and display it on your wall or keep it safe in storage. 

#7: Incorporate It Into Their Headstone 

Incorporating your wedding ring into your loved one’s headstone is a unique and creative way to celebrate your enduring love. This may be an option you choose to discuss with your spouse during end-of-life planning, as you’ll need to choose this memorial celebration before commissioning their headstone.

#8: Have It Redesigned 

If you still desire to wear your wedding ring but do not want it to look like a wedding ring, you can choose to have it redesigned. Most jewelers can fulfill your design wishes when it comes to redesigning your wedding ring. 

You can choose to add elements or remove certain details of your wedding ring to create something new that you can carry into a new chapter of your life together with your spouse. 

#9: Sell It

The death a spouse can cause financial strain. The monetary value of your rings may enable you to pay off debt such as hospital bills, funeral bills, or even your mortgage. Therefore, if selling your wedding rings feels like the right decision for you, you shouldn't feel guilty. After all, wedding vows clearly state, "'Til death do us part," and your spouse would undoubtedly want you not to be buried in debt.

If debt is not a major concern, you may also consider investing the money into a trip that you and your spouse always promised you would take. This is a great way to honor their memory and you might even feel like they're there, adventuring alongside you! 

#10: Have a Burial Ceremony

A burial ceremony for your ring, separate from a funeral or memorial service, is a time to celebrate your marriage and say goodbye to this chapter of your relationship with your loved one. 

You may choose to bury your wedding ring in a location that was significant to you and your spouse, or you can place it in the ocean or a river if you believe that’s the best way to celebrate your remarkable spouse. 

Wrapping Up

Losing a spouse is heartbreaking, and we each grieve uniquely. You may choose to continue wearing your wedding ring as a way of keeping your second half's memory with you forever, or you may decide to celebrate their impact through a memorial service or keepsake.

What you choose to do with your wedding ring is up to you, what feels most representative of the time you and your spouse had together, and the ways you wish to celebrate your love for them in the future. Above all, be honest with yourself about your grieving process and do what feels right for your unique situation and your incredible relationship with your loved one. 


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