3 Best Podcasts to Listen to When You Are Grieving 

Have you ever tried to speak openly about your grief and found yourself struggling to find the right words? Look no further. We have three of the best podcasts to listen to when you are grieving so that you can find community with others experiencing similar loss.

To say grief is a difficult topic is an understatement. It’s immensely agonizing and feels impossible to comprehend. Grief is universal, yet we all experience it uniquely. If acknowledging and expressing your grief feels like an impossible mountain to climb, know that you are not alone. 

Many people find support through the stories of others who are grieving a similar loss. Will these podcasts cure your grief? Not exactly. But they will give you different perspectives and strategies for how to cope with your grief from others who are in a similar place. 

We selected three podcasts to provide diverse resources to support you through this unimaginable time. The virtue of podcasts is that they can be listened to anywhere, so take advantage of these resources on your next commute or during a yoga session, or however you feel comfortable.

Thoughtful Podcasts to Help You on Your Grief Journey

The "What's Your Grief" podcast promo.

What’s Your Grief 

Hosted by Litsa Williams & Eleanor Haley

Litsa and Eleanor began What’s Your Grief with a mission to educate, explore, and express grief creatively and practically. Whether you’re new to your grief or a seasoned veteran, Litsa and Eleanor provide all the resources to guide you through this confusing and emotional journey. Going beyond just a podcast, What’s Your Grief has built a community of grievers and healers alike.

When asked about her personal grief journey, Litsa opened up about her relationship with her grief following the passing of her father.

“When my dad died I was only 18. I had no way to know or understand that grieving, for me, would be the long process of learning to still have a relationship with my dad even though he was gone. My grief continues to evolve, like my relationship with my dad continues to evolve. I've now lived more years on this earth without my dad than I did with him. I find myself wondering, even now, what my life would look like if he were still here. And at the same time, I find myself deeply grateful for the life I have - a life I know my dad would be proud of.” - Litsa Williams, What’s Your Grief
"Grief Out Loud" podcast promo.

Grief Out Loud

Hosted by Jana DeCristofaro

Believing that no one should have to suffer alone, licensed clinical social worker Jana DeCristofaro tackles the difficult and often avoided conversation of grief with her podcast, Grief Out Loud. Aiming to break the stigma surrounding grief, Jana brings personal anecdotes, thoughtful tips, and professional interviews to her audience with a “platitude and cliché-free” promise. 

When asked about her personal grief journey, Jana shared her perspective on the prolongation of her grief throughout life’s big milestones. 

“The most helpful thing I've found in grief is recognizing how it shows up in any transition, even those that typically seen as positive. Big milestones, no matter how exciting, come with loss. Acknowledging this is vital. This practice helps me build emotional muscle memory for attending to grief, which I've been able to turn to in grieving the deaths of friends and family members. I've realized that if I don't give grief time and space, it'll take it from me, usually when I'm most unprepared!” - Jana DeCristofaro, Grief Out Loud
"The Good Mourning Podcast" promo.

The Good Mourning Podcast 

Hosted by Sally Douglas & Imogen Cam

Whether you’re embarking on your own personal grief journey or supporting a loved one through theirs, Sally Douglas and Imogen Cam share tips and tricks for dealing with grief on their podcast, The Good Mourning. The pair met after losing their mothers, and noticing a lack of resources for young people grieving the loss of a loved one, decided to take matters into their own hands. Their podcast shares stories tackling all types of loss, however, and provides resources to help you move forward with your grief journey. 

When asked about their personal grief journeys, Sally and Imogen opened up about the evolution of their grief over time. 

"Grief changes shape over time and ebbs and flows. No matter where you are in your journey, know this – you are not alone. Whatever you are feeling today, be proud of how you're handling your healing and remember that you are doing the best you can. Go at your own pace." - Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn, Co-hosts, The Good Mourning Podcast

While these podcasts are all great resources to listen to while you’re grieving, we know not everyone loves podcasts. If this sounds like you, check out our best songs for grieving, recommended by 146 people.