A Diamond that Reflects A Son’s Eyes as Blue as the Ocean

The Eterneva team is committed to sharing real stories that help celebrate the remarkable lives of loved ones who have passed and have started their new journey as a memorial diamond. These real stories are here to help connect one another, spark joy, inspire gratitude, and move us forward together.

We had the opportunity to catch up with John and Tiffany Meek, the parents of Jacob Meek, who worked with our team at Eterneva to turn their remarkable son’s ashes into a sparkly blue and unforgettable memorial diamond.

Nowadays, Tiffany wears Jacob in a ring on her finger, taking him and his radiance everywhere she goes. Jacob’s zest for life, can-do attitude, amazing hugs, and contagious smile are now encapsulated in a one-of-a-kind diamond that will never quit.

The Remarkable Legacy of Jacob

Jacob was gregarious, unapologetic, courageous and enthusiastic about life. He was very loving, very affectionate, and extremely driven.

As someone who loved the outdoors, Jacob was either hunting or fishing depending on the time of year and the weather outside. From bird hunting with a shotgun to deer hunting with a rifle and crossbow, he did a little bit of everything. 

He loved going to the family’s fishing camp and often spent time fishing in the summer with his mother, Tiffany. They would go out together on the boat and come back with the full limit of trout. It was always their goal, and when they reached it they were excited to get back to camp where everyone, including Jacob, were so elated.

Jacob was a bit of a fish whisperer. He could catch or find fish when no one else could. His innate ability and unmatched level of persistence always put him on the leaderboard. One memory that sticks out is when Jacob caught a Marlin in the Gulf of Mexico repeatedly in two consecutive years. He caught the second Marlin on the same exact day, two years in a row. When he caught the second one he had a huge smile on his face that was literally ear to ear.

Another extraordinary moment Jacob’s father remembered fondly was during a hunting trip of a lifetime. After flying on a private jet out to West Texas, Jacob hunted a white tailed deer bigger than any white tailed deer they'd ever seen. 

“He was so proud of it. I mean grinning from ear to ear. The picture is etched in my mind, of course, I look at it every day on my phone. It’s my screensaver to be strong.”  - John Meek

Jacob was set on going to college and was overjoyed when he got the greenlight to go to a smaller college, the University of Southern Mississippi. His mother, Tiffany, shares that this was one of her favorite memories... to witness him achieve the goal that he had wanted for so long.

At the age of 16, Jacob was given a pressure washer. As he started making money, he bought even more equipment and when he was 17 he opened his own pressure washing company. He was smart, saved his money, and has the goal to buy a home with cash to have absolutely zero consumer debt.

The Little Things

While there were many endearing memories John and Tiffany shared with their remarkable son, Jacob’s quirks – which drove the family crazy at times – were the little things they look back on fondly.

Jacob loved to poke fun at billboard attorneys. Occasionally he would text his dad and say “call this number and ask for so-and-so. They’re looking for some construction work.” 

“I always felt like it was fun, but that's what he would do to me. And I in turn, would do it to him. And I'd say, hey, so-and-so is looking for some pressure washing and give him a call at this number.” - John Meek

Tiffany recounted Jacob filling up a bottle of salt water and putting it in the ice chest. He’d ask if anyone was thirsty, hand them the salty water, and wait for them to drink it and spit it out. He did it all of the time.

Sure, the quirky little habits like this would irritate the family, but they were what made Jacob the fun-loving person he was and he couldn’t control that. And even with all of the pranks, Jacob had a smile that radiated so much joy and gave the best hugs that could turn a day around.

Jacob was extremely courageous. In fact, even after brain surgeries as a child, Jacob would wake up and start talking to his parents with a never going to quit attitude. Whether it was going through a surgery, finishing school, starting a business or his pursuits in the outdoors, Jacob wouldn’t give up and wasn’t going to be told he was different.

Celebrating Jacob’s Homecoming As A Forever Diamond

Shortly after Jacob passed away, a friend reached out to John about an episode of Shark Tank they’d seen about memorial diamonds with Eterneva. Not only was Shark Tank one of Jacob’s favorite shows, but the diamond could also be made into a color blue that shined just as bright as Jacob’s eyes. For John, this was divine intervention.

John took the lead on the memorial diamond making process with Eterneva, with the idea that he’d be able to give Tiffany something permanent to remind her on a daily basis of Jacob, and then ultimately to be able to pass it on to Jacob's brother.

“His eyes were crystal blue. Bluer than the blue sky. Bluer than the bluest water. You could see through them. When the option came, I knew unequivocally it had to be blue.” - Tiffany Meek

When the diamond was delivered, the Meek family brought together close friends and family who were in Jacob’s circle at his favorite place to celebrate Jacob and welcome his new radiant form. Everyone was blown away with the beauty of the diamond.

Since then, Jacob’s grandfather, who adored Jacob, has asked permission to also have a diamond made and that one is now in process.

And as a science teacher to an all boys Catholic high school, Tiffany has shared the science of carbon compounds and how to grow a diamond with her class.

“These are rough and tumble boys. You could hear a pin drop. They were so fascinated. So I showed it to them. And they know I’m not a glitzy girl. I projected it up on the big screen so they could see it. They had so many questions. They were just so excited. It was beautiful. It was nice for me to be able to share that. In addition to a scientific component, when it’s something that’s so special to me.” -Tiffany Meek

Now, whenever Tiffany and her family experience new little things, Jacob’s radiating smile and crystal blue eyes are right there with them shining bright. 💎

A Path Forward

When we asked Jacob’s parents if there was anything that Jacob would want others to know about life, their answers beautifully captured Jacob’s zest for life.

“Anything is possible. If you put your heart and soul into it, even if you stumble and fall, you just get up and keep going. Anything is possible.”

Even through the challenging times, the emotional roller coasters and frustrations, Jacob brought strength and patience to his mother. He was always teaching others how to be strong, never give up, and how to focus on what’s really important.

Jacob also had a favorite quote from the movie Talladega Nights that he would often reference when he wanted to take a shot at something risky.

“You can’t live your life in a bubble. You have to let the cougar loose.”

Even with setbacks, Jacob always wanted to be let loose, to live. He was competitive and always seeking first place in whatever he did. His thirst for life teaches us all a lesson to get comfortable with fear so that we can push ourselves to new limits and really get the most out of what life has to offer, even if there are obstacles in the way.

This is a wonderful reminder to truly embrace the challenges life throws our way, never giving up, and always holding on to hope for a better future. Jacob’s remarkable life and lessons shared are something we can all bring into our own life by taking the time to reflect on a simple question.

What’s holding you back from chasing your dreams?

Remember, it’s time to let the cougar loose.

What are your little things?

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