One of the simple joys of life is loving and caring for a pet dog. These four-footed furry friends have a way of becoming a part of the hearts and lives of their owners like very few things in life can. They become part of the family with a certain kind of importance and sentimental value that is hard to describe

One of the most difficult aspects of loving these loyal life companions is having to say goodbye to them. Dogs’ life spans rarely reach two decades, and many dogs have an average life span of 8 to 13 years. 

Unfortunately, this means those of us fortunate enough to share our lives with a beloved pet will one day have to grieve their loss. When this time comes, you will have to make the decision of how to handle their remains once they have passed.

A time-honored tradition is to bury our beloved pets on our family property. However, for a growing number of pet owners living in big cities with fewer outdoor spaces, this type of burial isn’t always possible.

Pets are a remarkable addition to our lives, and grieving this incredible loss is difficult in ways that are difficult to describe. When the time comes to lay your pet to rest, there are options available beyond burial, including pet cremation.

Animal Cremation 

Animal cremation is becoming one of the most popular ways to lay our beloved pets to rest. The process of cremation is ethical, hygienic, and convenient for the growing number of households that are adopting and loving pets. 

For anyone who is learning about all of this for the first time, some obvious questions will come to the forefront of your mind: What exactly is pet cremation? How different is it from human cremation? Are there different kinds of pet cremation? How much does it cost? 

To help you as best we can during this challenging time, we’ve answered these questions and more so that you can feel confident with whatever method you choose to honor your pet’s remarkable life.

What Is Pet Cremation? 

Pet cremation is an ethical and hygienic way to lay your beloved pet to rest. Most cities or local counties have facilities designed to help make this process available to pet owners across the country. 

Cremation is one of the most hygienic ways to manage an animal’s remains. By providing this service to communities, crematoriums can help to decrease the chances of disease and other health hazards related to animal remains. 

Most local veterinarians can answer all of the questions you might have about where to find these services in your local community. 

How Different Is Pet Cremation From Human Cremation?

Pet cremation and human cremation are similar in that they are both alternatives to burial that involve incinerating your loved one’s remains. Both processes must reach temperatures that range from 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and both result in cremated ashes.  

One of the main differences between human cremation and pet cremation is the level of care given to the efficiency of the cremation process. 

When a human body is cremated, there is a regulated multistep process to ensure that your loved one’s remains are treated with the utmost respect and that the body is completely isolated from other remains throughout the process. 

With pet cremation, certain options provide the same care and respect as human cremation. However, the process is neither as formal nor as restrictive, and there are some options for pet cremation that do not isolate your remarkable pet’s remains from other furry friends.

To better understand this, you need to know about the different types of pet cremation available. 

Are There Different Types of Pet Cremation?

There are multiple kinds of pet cremation with different prices and memorial options. Here are the three main types of cremation options available for your beloved dog.

Communal Cremation

This form of cremation is the least expensive and one of the most widely used. This service is primarily given out of convenience and is a hygienic way of disposing of an animal’s body once it has died. 

In a communal cremation, multiple pets’ remains will be cremated at the same time. This is an ethical and hygienic option. However, it is impossible to retrieve your pet’s ashes from this option, limiting the ways in which your can memorialize your pet’s incredible life. 

Partitioned Cremation

Partitioned cremation or divided cremation is considered a middle-of-the-road option. This is a form of cremation that still involves multiple remains being cremated at the same time. However, there are dividers or partitions placed between the remains in an attempt to keep the ashes from mixing. 

This method is not as expensive as private cremation since multiple remains are still being cremated at once. Still, partitioned cremation does allow you to receive your pet’s ashes to honor as you wish.

There is no way to be 100% certain in divided cremation that the ashes of your pet are not mixed with other pets, despite the partitions. However, this may be a cost-effective option for pet owners who want to symbolically keep their pet’s ashes but do not want to pay for private cremation services.

Private Cremation

Lastly, private cremation is the most expensive option. This is the only pet cremation option that provides peace of mind knowing that the ashes you receive back are entirely your pet’s. This method cremates one body at a time and does not run the risk of mixing ashes. 

No matter which form of cremation you choose, they are all ethical and hygienic options for grieving pet owners.

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate Your Pet Dog?

The cost of cremation for animals varies based on location. For instance, in areas with a higher population where the demand is greater such as a larger city, the cost for cremating a dog could be upwards of 300 or 400 dollars. In a smaller, rural area where there are more options for your pet’s remains, the cost could be dramatically lower. 

On average, the general rule of thumb is that the style of cremation and size of your pet does matter. If you choose a communal cremation, a crematorium will likely offer a flat rate. 

However, as you progress toward private cremation, the size of your pet will affect the overall cost. If you are going to cremate a small lap dog, the price can be substantially less than if you were to cremate a Mastiff. 

Another factor to keep in mind is that, generally, a crematorium will be a separate entity from a veterinary clinic. This means that there will typically be extra fees associated with transporting the remains of your pet, and there may be additional fees for collecting their ashes. 

Creating a Memorial Diamond Out of Your Pet’s Ashes

If you choose to cremate your pet, there are many ways in which you can use their ashes to honor their legacy and memory. Some choose to display the ashes in their homes; others may scatter them somewhere meaningful to their pet or turn the ashes into a piece of jewelry.

When it comes to memorializing your loyal companions, having their ashes turned into a memorial diamond is a beautiful way to keep a part of them with you throughout your life. A memorial diamond can act as a physical reminder of the love you shared with your pet and the many ways they shaped your life.

This journey is unique, using state-of-the-art technology to grow pure, authentic diamonds using the carbonic components of your pet’s ashes. 

The seven-stage process involves taking the ashes that are produced from your pet’s cremation and purifying them down to their base carbon elements. 

Once this carbon has been extracted from your beloved pet’s remains, it is placed in specialized machines that mimic the conditions of the Earth’s mantle, where diamonds are naturally formed. This process exposes the carbon to intense heat and pressure, which forms a genuine diamond. 

Next, master cutters examine the diamond for inclusions before cutting them into their perfect shape. Each diamond is assessed for quality by IGI, one of the leading diamond assessment agencies. Finally, you have the option to customize your memorial diamond. You can choose a color, a setting, and an inscription if you wish.

Honoring a Remarkable Pet

The important part of commemorating your pets is that you keep their memories with you forever. Whether you choose to create a memorial diamond from cremated remains or bury your beloved dog in the backyard, the impact they had on your life cannot be overstated.

If you do decide that a memorial diamond is a way you want to honor your pet’s legacy, know that there will be no other precious stone quite like the diamond created from the essence of your loyal companion. 

Working with a trained set of professionals, Eterneva can create a beautiful, unique diamond that you will have forever. More importantly, Eterneva is honored to help you share your pet’s remarkable story, now and forever.


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