Creating a memorial for a loved one who has passed away can help us through our healing journeys. Cremation glass art is a creative way to honor your loved ones’ legacies and impacts, and it is just one of many ways to create a beautiful memorial using your loved one’s ashes.

This is everything you need to know about using cremation glass art to honor the remarkable humans and pets in your life. 

A Heartfelt Memorial 

Death is a natural part of life. However, although death is a natural process, it is still one of the most difficult parts of life to understand. 

Although we will all encounter death, every person is different. Our abilities to process death and find meaning in our healing journeys vary greatly. Healing after the death of a loved one is a journey that is unique to each of us. 

For instance, some of us may process a death for years with the help of a licensed professional, while others may be able to heal with the support of family and friends. 

It’s helpful to remember that no path is right or wrong when grieving. Even though each of us heals differently, all of our journeys are valid. 

How Can a Memorial Help? 

There are tools that can help us heal following the death of a remarkable loved one. Options like professional grief counseling, group therapy, and emotional support animals can help us process our emotions. We can also create a memorial object that helps us remember the incredible impact our loved ones had on our lives. 

What Is a Memorial?

A memorial is an object or place with sentimental value associated with the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Memorials have been used for thousands of years to commemorate loved ones after they have passed. Everything from shrines to gravesites with bouquets of their favorite flowers has been used to honor the memory of our loved ones. 

One of the reasons that memorials are so effective is that they provide a sense of control to a person who is grieving. Grief can make us feel powerless. While the grieving process is necessary along our healing journey, that doesn’t make it less heartbreaking. 

Grief comes from the love we still have for our remarkable loved one who passed away. Still, when we lose someone we loved who helped shape our world, it can feel like life has to be relearned. These deep emotions help us learn how to live in a way that celebrates our loved ones’ legacy and impact. 

When we have a memorial object to honor our loved ones, we are creating a space and time to process their memory. Not only that, but we can find opportunities to share their stories and celebrate their lives.

What Are Different Kinds of Memorials?

Memorials are also powerful because they can be unique to our journeys. For instance, some might choose to frame their favorite picture of their loved one and hang it in the living room. For others, their memorial could be a graveside that they regularly visit with fresh flowers. 

Two forms of commemorative memorial art use cremated ashes to create a physical memorial object: cremation glass art and memorial diamonds

What is Cremation Glass Art?

Cremation glass art is a broad category of artistic glass designs that incorporate your loved one’s cremated ashes into hand-blown glass objects. There are several different kinds of cremated glass art designs; however, the main method of creating these designs is the same across every glass studio. 

These artists take a small amount of cremation ash and incorporate it into their art during glass blowing. At this stage, the colored or clear glass is molten and malleable. A small portion of ashes is incorporated into the glass orbs' intricate designs. 

When the glass sets, that teaspoon of ashes can be clearly seen and play an important role in the colors and designs of this memorial keepsake. 

There are a variety of colors and color combinations you can choose for your memorial glass keepsakes. These can be hung from your rearview mirror, turned into glass turtles, displayed as a globe, or used as round paperweights at the office. 

No matter what you choose for your cremation art glass, family members are left with a unique way to honor their loved one's impact and legacy.

This purchase creates a beautiful memorial for your loved one during these difficult times, and there are seemingly endless designs that you can choose from for your memorial glass art. However, there is more than one special way to create cremation memorials from your loved one's cremains. 

Outside of displaying ashes in an urn, you can create beautiful products like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and rings out of your loved one's celebration ashes. This can be an option for those with kids who may break a glass memorial or who want a more durable memorial to pass down for generations.

What Are Memorial Diamonds?

A memorial diamond is a form of art that uses the carbon from your loved one or pet’s ashes to create a stunning memorial. 

How Are Memorial Diamonds Created?

We begin by sending a collection kit to safely transport your loved one's ashes or hair, along with a helpful Welcome Kit with detailed instructions on our creation process and a booklet to help us get to know your remarkable loved one.

We then extract the carbon from your loved one’s ashes. Once the carbon has been extracted, a lab develops their unique carbon into authentic diamonds.

Diamonds naturally form in the Earth’s mantle some hundred miles beneath the surface. Carbon atoms are exposed to extreme amounts of pressure and heat at this depth. The atoms take on specific bonding characteristics to form diamonds using these two characteristics. 

Diamonds are among the most sought-after and highly valued gemstones in the world. Not only are pure diamonds rare, but they create beautiful jewelry. 

Are Memorial Diamonds Real?

Because the process for making a cremation diamond mimics the natural formation of diamonds in the Earth’s mantle, a cremation diamond is completely authentic, real, and valuable. 

What’s unique is that the carbon for your diamond seed will come from your loved one’s cremated ashes. This is one of the most enduring ways to honor a loved one and keep their memory close.

How Can I Use My Memorial Diamond?

Because these diamonds are grown in a lab, you can customize them to further honor your loved one’s unique personality. You can make your diamond in your loved one's favorite colors, engrave their favorite phrase on your band, or request a special cut with sentimental value. 

Cremation diamonds can be set in any kind of jewelry, and we can keep these incredible pieces in our family for generations. The process of diamond creation involves seven stages over ten to twelve months, at which point you will have a custom piece of jewelry to pass down for generations. 

You’ll remain updated on your diamond throughout every step of its journey, and each talented hand that works on this piece will get to know your remarkable loved one’s unique story.

To celebrate a loved one, you could wear this keepsake on the day of their death anniversary, birthday, or even just a favorite holiday. You could wear the cremation jewelry out to their favorite restaurant or on their favorite walk. 

You can take this physical memorial with you wherever you travel, keeping this special relationship close to your heart always.

There Is No Right or Wrong Way to Honor Your Loved Ones

One of the most important things to remember when deciding between cremation art, jewelry, or another form of memorial is that there are no right or wrong choices. Each option will keep your incredible loved one’s memory close for decades to come. 

Learning how to live and heal once someone we treasure has passed on is no easy journey. A memorial object can help us process our emotions during this difficult time.  

If you are interested in finding out more about how a cremation diamond can help honor your remarkable loved ones, click here


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