I Want to Be a Diamond When I Die

Dealing with death can be an extremely emotional experience, and finding ways to honor the memory of those who have passed and keep their legacy alive is a deeply personal journey of discovery. These thoughts can be even more difficult when thinking about our own mortality, and how our loved ones will carry on our legacy when we die.

Traditional methods such as cremation or burial have long been the norm, but what if there was a way to transcend traditional memorials and become something truly extraordinary? Imagine turning into a diamond, a radiant gem that encapsulates your essence, preserving your memory for generations to come.

With Eterneva, this dream can become a reality. In this article, we will explore how you can transform your ashes or even a lock of hair into a stunning memorial diamond, creating a lasting legacy that will shine bright forever. 

What is a Memorial Diamond?

A memorial diamond, also known as a cremation diamond or a remembrance diamond, is a unique and symbolic way to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. It is created using a portion of the deceased’s cremated ashes, a lock of hair, or a variety of other materials that contain the carbon necessary to grow the diamond.

Why a Memorial Diamond?

The magic and wonder of Eterneva memorial diamonds lie not only in their extraordinary creation process but also in the symbolism and beauty they represent. These diamonds serve as tangible connections to our loved ones that can be passed down from generation to generation, keeping memories and stories alive in the hearts and minds of those closest to us.

Each memorial diamond is a testament to a life well-lived, capturing a loved one’s essence and reflecting their unique individuality. Our lab-grown memorial diamonds are genuine diamonds, indistinguishable from diamonds created by geological processes, making them a truly exceptional and timeless tribute with lasting quality that can carry on long after we’re gone.

Do I Need Cremated Ashes to Make a Diamond?

When it comes to memorializing a loved one, the option of transforming ashes into cremation diamonds opens up a world of different possibilities to consider. However, you don’t have to be cremated, or even die, to be made into a diamond.

Eterneva recognizes that the sentimental value of a loved one's hair can be just as significant as their ashes. Whether it's a lock of hair from someone who is still alive, or hair collected after their passing, Eterneva can extract enough carbon from hair to create a genuine gem-quality diamond. This means that you can plan ahead and choose this extraordinary memorial option even if traditional cremation is not your preferred method. 

Eterneva utilizes cutting-edge science and technology to extract carbon from cremation ashes or hair (or a variety of other materials) and a high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) process to recreate the natural conditions that form diamonds deep within the Earth. The result is a high-quality lab-grown diamond that reflects the unique spirit and essence of the individual.

The Journey to Become a Diamond

The transformation from cremation ash or hair to a sparkling memorial diamond is a meticulously crafted process carried out by Eterneva's expert team. Let's take a closer look at the key steps involved in the diamond creation process:

  • Carbon extraction. Eterneva's skilled technicians extract carbon from the provided sample of ashes or hair, isolating the essential element necessary for diamond growth.
  • Diamond growth. The extracted carbon is placed into a diamond growth cell, where it will be subjected to intense pressure and temperature that mirror the natural conditions deep within the Earth. Over time, the carbon atoms will rearrange and bond together, gradually forming a crystal lattice structure.
  • Cutting and polishing. Once the diamond growth is complete, the rough diamond undergoes a meticulous cutting and polishing process to enhance its natural beauty and reveal its full brilliance. Eterneva's expert craftsmen shape the diamond according to your preferences, whether it's a classic round brilliant or a unique custom cut.
  • Jewelry setting. The final step involves setting the memorial diamond into a piece of jewelry of your choice, such as a ring, pendant, or earrings. This allows you to carry your loved one close to your heart and cherish their memory in a tangible and personal way. 

Taking Control Of Your Future: Making End-of-Life Plans

We can’t control when we die. Because of this, many of us are content to push the idea out of our heads and not deal with it. We may create a will or express our wishes privately to family members, but often times we leave much of the decision-making to those we leave behind.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little thoughtful planning, we can determine exactly what we want to be done when we pass on, leaving simple instructions to be carried out by our surviving loved ones. This can benefit everyone involved. We get our end-of-life wishes fulfilled while also relieving our surviving loved ones from having to make those tough decisions without our guidance. 

Many people choose to take control of their destiny in this way. Kris Jenner, matriarch of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and mother of Kim Kardashian, is one of those people. While meeting with a fan during an episode of the show, Kris noticed the woman wearing a beautiful diamond ring and complimented her on it. It turns out the ring was a memorial diamond for the woman’s grandmother. 

Kris Jenner then looked into the memorial diamond process and discovered that not only could she become a diamond when she dies, but because the process only requires a small amount of ashes to get the carbon needed to grow a diamond, she could actually be made into six diamonds, one for each of her children. 

"It's my responsibility to make some plans for the future so that my kids don't have to worry about it," Jenner said in an interview. And she’s right.

Peace of Mind Through Planning

It may seem scary or uncomfortable, but planning what we want to happen to us when we die can be incredibly liberating and comforting. Deciding to become a memorial diamond after death is one way to solidify your legacy and transform your passing into something your loved ones can cherish and remember you by. 

To initiate the planning process, individuals should express their desire to be transformed into a memorial diamond in their advance directives, will, or funeral pre-planning documents. It is crucial to inform family members and designate a responsible party who can coordinate with a diamond company like Eterneva to see the process through. 

Clear instructions and open communication with loved ones about this choice can help ensure that the memorial diamond process aligns with your wishes, providing a unique and enduring way to be remembered by those left behind.

Make Your Wishes Come True With Eterneva Blueprint

At Eterneva, we understand the importance of expressing your wishes regarding end-of-life planning. That’s why we offer a unique service called Eterneva Blueprint that gives you full control over your own future diamond arrangements ahead of time.

Eterneva Blueprint enables you to pre-plan, design, and lock in pricing on a future diamond for yourself or a loved one who has not yet passed, with a payment schedule that suits you. You can select your preferred diamond color, cut, carat, and size from numerous options available. By allowing you to start the diamond creation process before you pass away, Blueprint ensures that your memory is eternalized according to your exact wishes, easing the decision-making burden on those close to you when you are gone.

Eterneva Blueprint gives you the opportunity to secure your carbon extraction method and even start the growth process, giving you peace of mind that your memorial diamond will be created precisely as you envision. By planning in advance, you can take an active role in shaping your legacy and providing comfort to your loved ones by removing the guesswork and uncertainty. 

Changing How We Celebrate Legacy

In a world where traditional memorials are evolving, becoming an Eterneva diamond offers a remarkable way to ensure your memory lives on. By choosing to eternalize your legacy through the transformation of ashes or hair into a stunning memorial diamond, you create a symbol of eternal love and remembrance.

Eterneva Blueprint allows you to plan in advance, discuss your wishes with loved ones, and turn your unique essence into a radiant gem that will sparkle for generations. By embracing the opportunity to become a diamond, you are creating an everlasting testament to the love and connections you shared in the world while giving your loved ones a physical piece of you to cherish forever.