Throughout the centuries, diamond rings have been used to show our love for the incredible people in our lives. Diamonds can help us commemorate milestones like engagements, help us show our lasting devotion to our spouses, or even help us celebrate the remarkable lives of our loved ones who have passed on. 

Gifting a diamond is a thoughtful way to communicate the love we have for our remarkable loved ones, as the diamond is one of the most symbolic and precious gems on the planet. When celebrating the diamonds in your life, a custom diamond heirloom can represent the strength and depth of your unique relationship for generations to come.

In this guide, you’ll discover all of the information you need to create the most heartfelt and personalized diamond ring possible for your remarkable loved ones.

The Rise of the Diamond Ring

The natural diamond was first discovered 3000 years ago in India in its rivers and streams, and it quickly became the most sought-after gem by the wealthy classes of the world. However, the diamond ring did not become popular until the 15th century when Mary of Burgundy was given an engagement ring by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. This event marked the beginning of the tradition of giving a diamond ring to signify asking for one’s hand in marriage.

In addition to engagement, diamond rings were also associated with status and power. In the Medieval Period in Europe, individuals of higher status wore diamond rings made with precious metals whereas people of the lower class wore rings made with cheap metal. 

The diamonds in these rings were actually uncut, so they did not assume the shapes of diamonds that we know today. Though not cut, diamonds during this time were engraved. From this point on, diamond rings were to evolve and increase in popularity.

Since the beginning of the rise of the diamond ring, diamond rings have followed a common theme, and this theme is that diamonds and diamond rings are a symbol of status and power. With the evolution of the diamond industry, however, diamonds and diamond rings have become more accessible and affordable to people everywhere. The beginning of this shift was marked by the diamond rush that occurred when diamonds were discovered in South Africa in the late nineteenth century.

Choosing Your Diamond

Choosing your diamond is the first, and perhaps, the most important step in creating your custom diamond ring. Where you purchase your diamond is dependent on the occasion of your ring. Many people will purchase a diamond to place in an engagement ring, but others will purchase a diamond to create a piece of memorial jewelry to remember a lost loved one

You can choose to purchase a diamond that has already been formed, or you can create a personalized, lab-grown diamond that’s uniquely yours.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Created?

If you’re unfamiliar with lab-grown diamonds, you might wonder if they’re as authentic and real as the diamonds grown beneath the Earth’s mantle. 

At Eterneva, we partner with you and with some of the top scientists and jewelry masters to create a one-of-a-kind, authentic diamond made from your loved one’s ashes. Our seven-stage journey is incredibly transparent, and we ensure that your loved one’s ashes will be in safe hands throughout their entire time with Eterneva.

The diamond growing process begins when scientists extract pure carbon, the key ingredient to a diamond, from your loved one’s ashes or hair and create carbon graphite powder. Carbon is found in cremated ashes in small amounts, so we take all the time necessary to extract enough carbon to create a diamond.

Once we have produced the purified carbon graphite powder from your loved one’s ashes, it’s time to start the diamond machine. At our labs, our machines replicate the natural diamond forming process which involves pairing carbon with intense heat and pressure to grow one diamond at a time. 

Because no two ash samples are the same, our scientists create the perfect combination of heat and pressure to make the most radiant diamond possible from your loved one’s ashes. We understand how unique their elemental imprint is, and we want to reflect and cherish that in our diamond growing process.

How Can I Make Sure My Diamond Is Authentic?

No matter which diamond you choose, your stone should be assessed for quality by a professional to confirm its value. The 4Cs of diamond grading — color, cut, carat, and clarity — are used to determine a diamond’s quality, and it’s wise to use a third-party grader to confirm that you are getting the stone you’ve been promised.

At Eterneva, we send each diamond we create to be scanned for quality by IGI-certified graders. We use X-ray technology to scan for any blemishes in your diamond so that we can craft a diamond with the utmost clarity and quality just for you. 

Personalizing Your Diamond

Once you’ve chosen or created your perfect stone, there are a variety of modifications and special design elements that you can add to make your diamond uniquely yours. If you’re creating a memorial diamond, this is an opportunity to include a cut and color that reminds you of the remarkable connection you share with your loved one.

First, you can help choose your diamond’s perfect shape, such as a princess cut, Asscher cut, or cushion cut diamond. After its been assessed for quality, an Eterneva diamond will be cut by a master cutter with over forty-five years of experience. We only work with the most reputable and experienced diamond cutters, and even have one in-house, because we want to create a diamond that is as special and priceless as the life of your loved one.

As for your diamond’s color, Eterneva uses natural elements to color your diamond, and you can even choose to have your diamond colored black. You can choose a color that reminds you of your loved one’s eyes, hair, or favorite color, or you can choose a color with a sentimental only the two of you share.

Finding a Designer

The second step to creating a custom diamond ring with your own diamonds is finding a jewelry designer. Whether you want to place your diamond in a ring or in a necklace, Eterneva is dedicated to creating the perfect piece of diamond jewlery that is specific to your preferences and one that captures just how special and unique the life and story are of your loved one. 

We work with the finest local jewelers in Austin, Texas to help you design that perfect, custom piece for your loved one’s diamond. Keep in mind that creating a custom ring costs more than a ring that is already made, and this cost can depend on multiple factors. 

Because you are creating such a sentimental and meaningful piece, it is crucial that you find a designer that you trust to make your vision come to life. Find a designer who clearly and fully communicates with you what their processes and prices are as well as one that you feel that you can communicate well with.

Creating a detailed outline of what you are looking for will help you articulate what exactly you want in your ring as well as give the designer all of the information they need to perfectly reflect your preferences.If you enjoy drawing, you can also draw up a rough sketch of what you want your ring to look like. 

Band Choice and Setting

Once you have chosen your designer and have had your consultation, it is time to begin the process of creating your custom ring! The first step is to choose a band and a diamond setting. There are countless band styles and setting choices to choose from, and these choices can be overwhelming. Your designer will be able to help you make the best choice based on your personal style and the type of jewelry you normally wear. 

When choosing a band style, think about the type of metal that you or the person you are designing the ring for normally wears. If you like to wear silver, choose a silver band. You can also use the color and cut of your diamond to guide your decision. Choose a metal that is of high quality and one that pairs well with the color of your diamond. 

In regard to diamond settings, it is important to know which settings will best hold your diamond based on its cut. For example, a pear-cut diamond is best set with a V-shaped prong. This type of prong will accentuate the shape of the diamond as well as prevent the diamond from falling out of the ring. Your designer will know which options are best for diamond settings that will ensure that your diamond is the focal point of the ring.


Engraving your custom ring is an optional step, but doing so adds a personal touch to your ring. Depending on the occasion, you can engrave a date, name, or a meaningful phrase. If you choose to engrave a phrase, be sure that it is short enough to fit on your ring so that you have enough space and that the ring will not be crowded with too many words.

Choosing a Shank Type and Fit

The shank type refers to the overall shape of your ring. Depending on the style you want to go for, the shank type will vary. Some people like rings that are thick and bold in shape, and others like thin and dainty shapes. 

The shank type of your ring will also depend on the cut and size of your diamond. You want to choose a ring shape that will best compliment your diamond. You want to create a nice balance of space with your ring and maintain the focal point of your ring: your diamond.


Because every designer is different, you will need to do thorough research on specific pricing for creating a custom diamond ring. The cheapest option that you have for a custom ring will be about $1000 and can climb all the way up to $40,000+. Eterneva’s pricing starts at $2,999 for the diamond.

Creating a budget for your custom diamond ring is crucial because you want to know how much you are spending and to stick to that budget. If you work with a reputable jewelry designer, the designer will consider your preferences as well as your budget and create a ring that fits both your preferences and budget. 

One tip for choosing a designer is to not choose the first result that you see on your online search. Read reviews, look at photos, and read about the designer’s frequently asked questions so that you can find someone that you trust to bring your vision to life.

Wrapping It Up

At Eterneva, we offer several payment plan options to finance or save for your diamond. We also offer jewelry setting services so that you can be confident that you are receiving a piece of jewelry created with precision and care. We take your preferences and budget very seriously, so we want to offer you flexible services to reflect how much we care about you and the memory of your loved one. 

We work with some of the most masterful jewelers that are dedicated to creating the diamond ring of your dreams and one that will become a meaningful piece of memorial jewelry.


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