Unlike traditional diamonds –– mined or lab-grown –– memorial diamonds are unique.

This is because they are made from the carbon remaining in someone who has died’s ashes or hair. In that way, while memorial diamonds are real diamonds, what they represent is an eternal memorialization.

Folks choose to have a memorial diamonds made for a thousand reasons.

  • “Mom loved jewelry!”
  • “I saw this on the local news, and felt it was a sign!”
  • “I want to carry them with me through all the rest of life’s adventures!”
  • “It feels less weird than having them sit in an urn!”

The list goes on and on. But after you decide that a memorial diamond is right for you, the next step is choosing what color you want that diamond to be.

Similar to how they are a variety of reasons why someone chooses to have a memorial diamond created, there are so many reasons for why someone chooses a certain color.

First things first, though, what colors are even possible?

Memorial Diamond Colors

Memorial diamonds come in multiple colors including colorless, blue, yellow, red, green, and black. Only colorless, blue and yellow are the natural colors for diamonds. If you want a red, green or black, then we’ll start by growing you a blue or yellow –– and then transform that color to the one you want.

Blue diamonds have more boron in them. Yellow diamonds have more nitrogen in them. And colorless diamonds are incredibly close to pure carbon with few other elements.

But the science behind the colors is not often why someone chooses the color that they do.

Which Memorial Diamond Color is Right for Me?

In Eterneva’s closed Facebook Family community group (a group we invite all customers to so they can chat about common experiences and get to know one another!), I chatted with multiple customers about why they chose the diamond color they did.

These folks have lost parents, children, and fur babies. Yet, you’ll see through each of these short descriptions that they chose the memorial diamond color they did because of one thing: it reminds them of their loved one. In a way, the color they chose is the color of that person in their mind’s eye.

Let’s take a look.

I chose a red diamond because it is the color of our birthstones.

"I chose a red diamond because it is the color of our birthstones, my husband & I were both born in July. I chose the heart cut to replace the piece of my heart that he took with him. My spirit animal is the bear, which has helped give me strength. I am having a setting made in the shape of a bear and the diamond will go in the center. We added hair to his ashes from me, our daughter and grandson, so this is our family diamond and my family is the heart of my strength." –– Traci Bishop

Review "I chose a red diamond because it is the color of our birthstones.".

On Valentine's Day 2020, Traci's first without her husband, the Eterneva team was so incredibly lucky to have Traci visit our office and lab for a tour, a lot of pizza, some good crys, and learning all about the beautiful love story between her and Larry.

She also talked a bit on camera about why she chose the memorial diamond color that she did.

The yellow diamonds reminded me of nature and sunshine...

"I chose a yellow diamond for my dad who passed back in 2013. He was a park ranger all my life and loved spending time in the sun. The yellow diamond reminded me of nature and sunshine and bike rides and sunset walks with my dad. I can’t wait to receive the diamond!" –– Megan Klopfstein

Megan's dad David in his uniform.

Megan’s dad David in his element.

I chose blue because it was my mom’s favorite color.

"I chose a blue round diamond for my mom's diamond because it was her favorite color and her birthstone. I chose the round diamond because to me it lives forever like the love she left behind....and to e it shines the most....shine on mom!" –– Gillian Goldrich

Blue diamond on white backdrop.

I chose pink because it was my mom’s favorite color.

"I chose a rose pink diamond because it was my mom's favorite color. The cut matched her engagement stone so they could be set side by side." –– Beth Springston

Rose pink diamond on white backdrop.

I chose a blue diamond because it reminds me of Chai’s eyes.

"I chose a blue diamond for my siamese cat's diamond, so I would always have a reminder of Chai's beautiful blue eyes." –– Melissa Simpson

Picture of Chai the cat.

We chose yellow because she brought us so much joy.

"We chose yellow because it’s a happy color and she brought us so much joy! Kalla Renee was a unique little weirdo and we just didn’t think a traditional, colorless diamond did her personality justice. She was such a goofy pup and she loved to find little patches of sun around the house to roast herself in. She loved the sun so much that she would actually get “freckles” in the summer. The spots on her soft belly and chest would get dark in summer and almost disappear in winter." –– Ona Jewell Schoening

"I chose a colorless cushion cut for my dog Chloe because she always had to be on a pillow to be picked up." –– Dorie Herman

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"I chose a colorless, brilliant, round because my Kileigh had a white spot on her head that was always so white! And as her hair would grow, it would get bigger and brighter. She truly was a once in a life puppy love for me!" –– Lisa Marie Vitcovich

Child hugging Kileigh the dog.

The Memorial Diamond Color Best for You

Choosing your memorial diamond color is an important step in the memorialization journey. This color will be with you forever, reminding you of them as you bring them with you into the next chapters of life. Choose something meaningful to you, something meaningful to them, and let it be yet another story you tell to others as the years pass.