Just like our loved ones, each diamond is unique. 

As we navigate the passing of a loved one, it can be difficult to process the complexities of grief alongside our gratitude for the time we spent with them. Through memorial diamonds, we can celebrate a spectacular life through a customized physical memorial.

Every step of the way, memories of our loved ones will inform the diamond’s creation and design, resulting in a one-of-a-kind gem that you can hold close forever.

The first steps towards crafting your memorial diamond with Eterneva are understanding how diamonds are grown, becoming familiar with our customization options, and understanding the engraving process. 

The journey of growing and crafting a memorial diamond can help us find brightness in our sorrow as we honor a person who brought so much joy into our life.

Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Diamonds are formed by a combination of carbon, pressure, and temperature beneath the Earth’s surface. However, modern technology has allowed diamonds to be created in a laboratory setting. 

Our scientists replicate the conditions within the Earth’s mantle to grow a diamond using the carbon in our loved one’s ashes or hair. This is a long, intricate process that takes place over eight to 10 months, and Eterneva is with you each step of the way.

What Is Eterneva’s Seven Step Process?

In reality, Eterneva diamonds are made from more than time, pressure, heat, and carbon. They are crafted using the memories of our loved ones, with each choice along the seven-step process instilling brightness, meaning, and healing as the diamond’s journey unfolds.   

Stage One

The Eterneva journey begins with our Welcome Kit. This kit includes a video that shows the Eterneva diamond-making process and introduces you to our team. Over time, you’ll forge a close relationship with our team members as we get to know your loved one and their story. Our collaborative process will honor the shining moments of a life well-lived as you process the complex emotions of your loved one’s passing.

The Welcome Kit also includes a booklet explaining the Eterneva process and instructions for moving forward, cubic zirconias as a visual reference for different carat sizes, and a container for your loved one’s hair or ashes to send back to us.

Once you order the Welcome Kit, our team will reach out to speak about the process, learn about your remarkable loved one, and help you design the perfect custom diamond to celebrate their life.

Stage Two

The scientific process of diamond creation begins with carbon purification. For two months, we isolate the carbon from the other elements that make up your loved ones’ ashes or hair. 

A large portion of elemental carbon is burned off during cremation, but carbonates from our bones remain. Between 0.5 and 4% of our ashes are made of these carbonates. We purify and extract this carbon to create the carbon graphite powder we use as your diamond’s starter material. 

Stage Three

Over two to three months, our world-class scientists use that carbon graphite powder to grow a diamond that echoes the brilliance and beauty of your loved one. 

Our diamond growth facilities in Austin, Texas and Germany recreate the conditions beneath the Earth’s surface until your loved one’s carbon grows into a raw diamond. 

Stage Four

Once your raw diamond has blossomed, we assess its quality to ensure that the shape and size you’ve chosen will fit seamlessly without visible inclusions. We take our time during this stage to ensure that your loved one’s diamond is perfect.

Stage Five

After the quality inspection is complete, your loved one’s diamond is cut with love and precision by a master cutter. Each of our diamond cutters has over 45 years of experience, and their highly skilled techniques maximize your diamond’s quality and sparkle.

Stages Six and Seven

Now, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your custom diamond. We provide options for coloration, grading, engraving, and jewelry setting, so your custom-made gem can continue your loved one’s story with every decision. 

How Can I Personalize My Diamond?

The Eterneva process is an opportunity to celebrate our loved ones’ lives. By sharing their stories with others, we can hold them close and honor the dazzling moments of life. There’s no better way to keep their memories with us than crafting a diamond that reflects their unique personhood.

Through color, shape, engraving, and setting, you can craft a custom piece that carries the happy memories of your loved ones everywhere you go. 


Color is a wonderful opportunity to infuse a diamond with memories of our loved ones. You can choose a diamond that reflects the color of your loved one’s eyes or a color that reminds you of a happy memory you shared. Maybe your loved one has a favorite color they always wear, or you want a fiery red diamond to recall their fiery red hair. 

Every time someone comments on the beautiful color of your diamond, you can share these happy memories of your loved ones and continue their story.


A diamond’s shape imparts personality and history into the gem. Certain shapes can take you back to eras of the past, like the old European cut of Art Deco jewels or the marquise cuts of the 1970s. Other shapes evoke a modern, timeless style like oval cuts popular in today’s engagement styles. 

Your loved one may have an affinity for sharp geometric shapes, or maybe they love circular-cut jewels. Whether you use your diamond’s shape to remember one of your loved one’s favorite pieces of jewelry, a special era of their lives, or their unique style, this is another opportunity to display your eternal bond.


One of the best parts of a memorial diamond is the opportunity to take our loved ones with us throughout life’s big moments. Whether we nestle our diamonds into a necklace, ring, or bracelet, a wearable diamond helps loved ones physically participate in our life's milestones. 

You can choose to set your diamond locally or work with one of Eterneva’s masterful jewelers to design a custom piece.

There are countless options for this portable memorial. If you’re unsure of which to choose, use warm moments with your loved ones to guide the way. 

Perhaps your loved one has an affinity for earrings, or maybe you’ve worn matching friendship bracelets since childhood. No matter the reason, your diamond’s setting can help you tell your loved one’s story.


Many people have words, phrases, or mantras they carry throughout their lives. Others have meaningful anniversaries that bring them closer to us or valuable kernels of advice that we’ve held dear. 

Through engraving, you can include names, words, phrases, or dates within your diamond itself. Words are powerful, and engraving is a wonderful way to create the perfect sentimental piece.

How Does Diamond Engraving Work?

An engraved diamond can speak volumes in just a few words. There are a few ways to engrave a diamond, but the most common way is through lasers. Laser engraving tools use heat to remove material from the diamond, leaving an intricate word design.

Engraving Tips and Tricks

There is only so much space on a diamond to engrave a word, name, phrase, or date, and it can feel impossible to choose which memory of our loved ones to include in an etching. 

Here are some tips and tricks to find the best engraving for a custom piece:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Choose a simple, sweet, and thoughtful phrase that best communicates how you feel about your loved one. The phrase can even be a term of endearment that they used.
  2. Avoid full sentences. It is important for your engraving to be easily legible, especially since you are working with limited space.
  3. Find the right font. Be sure to choose a font that is easy to read and matches the style of your jewel.
  4. Get creative! Engraving does not have to be limited to words and numbers. You can combine words, numbers, and symbols to craft an engraving that best represents your loved one.

The Story of a Remarkable Life

Personalized and engraved diamonds are an opportunity to celebrate our loved ones’ lives.  Creating a custom diamond with Eterneva can be simple, healing, and even fun as you share memories with diamond experts who are grateful to tell your loved one’s story. 

Think of this diamond as a custom piece of art, created uniquely and specifically to reflect the person you love most. The time and thoughtfulness you put into its creation will speak volumes towards the affection you’ll hold eternally in your heart.

Let your diamond be a blank canvas and your loved one’s personality and essence be the paint. Together, they can create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind reminder of a remarkable life.


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