How Much Do Cremation Diamonds Cost and Other Questions to Ask Your Memorial Diamond Company

Creating a memorial diamond, also known as a cremation diamond, to eternalize your beloved family member or cherished pet is an incredibly personal and sentimental endeavor. You are entrusting a company with the physical remains of someone who will forever hold a sacred space in your heart. Given the profound emotional significance, it's absolutely vital to thoroughly evaluate your options and select a memorial diamond company that will handle this process with the utmost reverence, care, and respect.

Before deciding which company to put your faith in, you owe it to yourself and your loved one's memory to ask questions—the right questions. Getting clarity about all aspects of a company's sourcing, diamond creation practices, quality assurance protocols, pricing model, and customer communication approach allows you to make a confident and informed decision. You want the assurance that comes with complete transparency and a team just as invested as you are in honoring your deceased loved one's legacy with an exquisite memorial diamond.

Due diligence is critical when you’re considering such an emotionally charged and permanent keepsake. By doing your research and ensuring the memorial diamond company meets ethical and quality standards, you can breathe easy knowing your loved one's journey toward becoming a unique diamond is in trustworthy hands. The right company can help navigate this experience with care and compassion every step of the way—but it’s important to ask the right questions before you begin.

Introduction to Memorial Diamonds

Creating a memorial diamond allows you to eternalize the memory of your beloved in a profoundly symbolic way. More than just a precious gemstone, cremation diamonds represent an enduring connection that transcends the physical world.

The loss of loved ones is never easy, but their memories and legacies can live on through their transformation from human body to cremation ashes to diamonds. These memorial diamonds are created from the carbon in the cremated ashes of your beloved, allowing you to keep them close forever in a beautiful piece of jewelry. More than just a diamond, a cremation diamond is a lasting tribute to the one you held so dear.

From Loved Ones to Lasting Keepsakes

The decision to create a memorial diamond is incredibly personal. When you transform the cremated remains of your loved one into a brilliant, eternal diamond, you create an eternal reminder of the light they brought into your life and the precious moments you shared.

The Diamond Creation Process

Turning ashes into diamonds is an intricate process that combines cutting-edge science with immense care and respect.

Cremation Diamonds: Step-by-Step 

The production process of lab-grown diamonds is highly scientific and meticulous. First, a small amount of the loved one's remains, a lock of hair, or other organic material containing carbon is gathered. The carbon particles then undergo a purification process before entering the highly controlled diamond growth chamber.

Here, using cutting-edge technology and mimicking the high temperature and high pressure found deep in the earth that creates mined diamonds over millions of years, the carbon source is transformed into a rough diamond over several months. These genuine diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and each diamond grown is indistinguishable from traditionally mined diamonds.

Evaluating Memorial Diamond Companies

When selecting a company to entrust with this deeply personal experience, it's crucial to ask the right questions in order to assess their level of transparency, quality standards, and commitment to customer service. Adelle Archer, CEO and co-founder of Eterneva, shares her insights on how to choose the best memorial diamond company.

Understanding the Cost of Memorial Diamonds

"How much do memorial diamonds cost?" 

It’s a common question for many when they first begin exploring the memorial diamond process. The truth is that the price can vary significantly between companies, and it's important to understand the factors that influence your investment.

Why Cheap Isn't Always Better

While some companies may advertise seemingly low prices, it's crucial to consider what may be sacrificed to achieve those rates. 

As Adelle Archer warns, "There are a number of companies that advertise being the cheapest and the just want to make sure that this is being done right, that there are no corners being cut, and that the quality is going to be up to a standard that you expect."

Choosing an extremely low-cost option could mean that the quality is compromised, either through rushed processing, lack of ethical sourcing, or inadequate quality control measures. This is an endeavor rooted in reverence—you want to ensure your loved one's remains are handled with the utmost care and respect. Just because it's priced lower doesn't mean the company is creating diamonds from ashes with the same attention to detail as other businesses.

The True Costs Behind Memorial Diamonds

Reputable companies invest significantly in the personnel, technology, and stringent processes required to create an authentic, high-quality cremation diamond worthy of memorializing your loved one's legacy. From the sourcing and preparation of the carbon source to the highly technical growth process, skilled gemologists, and robust quality assurance protocols, there are considerable expenses involved.

Companies like Eterneva also place a premium on ethical practices like a transparent supply chain, proper certification, and outstanding customer support and communication every step of the way. 

"While Eterneva is not going to be the cheapest or the fastest, I will guarantee that we are going to be taking care of your loved one like they are one of our own," states Adelle.

Questions to Ask About Cremation Diamond Pricing

When evaluating memorial diamond companies, be prepared to ask key questions about their pricing structure:

  • What is included in the stated price? Are there any additional fees?
  • How are pricing tiers determined (by diamond size, color, clarity, etc.)?
  • What quality assurance processes does the price cover?
  • Is the company transparent about where and how they are creating cremation diamonds?
  • What customer service and communication can you expect for that investment?

While premium companies will have higher price points, the value lies in the reverence, ethical practices, and personal care they provide throughout your diamond creation journey. 

As Adelle says, "We overcommunicate...this is something that's really personal." Understanding what you're paying for can help guide you toward a company worthy of this profound undertaking.

Importance of Company Location and Operations Transparency

"Where are you based, and also where will my loved one be going throughout the diamond creation process?...There are a number of companies that are saying that they're United States-based companies when they're really not." 

A reputable memorial diamond company should be forthcoming about the locations where each step of the creation process takes place. At Eterneva, Adelle proudly states: "We only grow our diamonds at our facilities in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States."

This transparency extends beyond words alone. 

Archer emphasizes, "We wanted to open the doors to consumers and to customers so they could come see the process firsthand, see the science... whether that's in our video updates or getting to come visit us in person."

Personalizing Your Memorial Diamond Experience

The best ashes to diamonds companies understand that they are doing far more than simply creating a product—the cremation diamond creation process is deeply personal, transformative, and healing.

It is undertaken by people working through the grief of losing someone they love and must be approached with empathy, understanding, and sensitivity. Turning your loved one's ashes into cremation jewelry should not be reduced to a production line. Your cremation diamond company should strive to provide a customized, caring experience every step of the way.

Customizing the Diamond to Honor Your Loved One

The best memorial diamond companies understand that each diamond is a unique representation of the life it commemorates. At Eterneva, the process is personalized for each individual from beginning to end. 

"We treat them like our own," says Adelle. “We get to know everything about them when you first start this process... every single team member that works on your loved one's diamond also knows their story and has a photo of them as they're working on their diamond."

Communication and Care

Embarking on the journey of creating a memorial diamond can stir up powerful emotions. A caring, compassionate company will support you every step of the way through open communication and attentive service.

At Eterneva, "You have a dedicated care team that is giving you personal one-to-one updates," Adelle says. "We're sharing pictures and videos at every single milestone that we reach." She adds, "We overcommunicate, you can see it in our reviews... this is something that's really personal."

Jewelry Options for Memorial Diamonds

Once your memorial diamond has been created, you'll have the opportunity to select a breathtaking jewelry setting that speaks to your loved one's spirit. From classic solitaire rings to modern pendants and bracelets, the options are as unique as the diamond itself. Consider a beautiful necklace to keep them close to your heart, elegant earrings that catch the light with every movement, or a stylish bracelet to carry their essence wherever you go.

You may have your own setting or heirloom piece to which you want to add the diamond. Eterneva will work with you to ensure your diamond and the setting you choose or provide are exactly how you envisioned.

Making Your Decision with Confidence and Care

Choosing to create a memorial diamond is a hugely significant decision that demands care, expertise, and respect from the company you entrust. By selecting a transparent provider like Eterneva that prioritizes your diamond's quality, authenticity, and the personalized service they provide, you can embark on the entire process with confidence.