When the people we love most leave us, the light in our world dims. The life through which we once strolled so surefooted becomes difficult to navigate as we venture into a new reality we hoped we’d never have to go. 

Eterneva customer Beth is no stranger to loss. Her grief journey began at the young age of fifteen when her beloved mother passed away. Years later into adulthood, her only sibling passed in a tragic accident. Most recently, Beth mourns the passing of her father. 

“Through all my loss, God has been very present,” shares Beth, a Texas born and raised southern belle. “That’s why I chose a Diamond. I wanted a way to keep my loved ones with me. And my daughter, Hannah, never got to meet my mom and my brother. This Diamond necklace keeps them alive, and it’s now a precious family heirloom I can pass down to her.”  

In a recent phone conversation, Beth opened up about her ongoing grief journey, her unique Eterneva Diamond, and shared about her family members who she now gets to hold close again. We would love for her to introduce them to you!  

Judy (Mom) 

“My mom was a social butterfly!” shares Beth. “She loved children, so she volunteered at the school for both my brother and me. We saw her every day. She was our biggest cheerleader, too,” Beth adds, illustrating an image of her four-foot-eleven mom, dwarfed by the giant camcorder perched on her shoulder that she touted at every sporting event. 

Judy was a presence. From her signature candy apple red nails to her little yellow Volkswagen named Sunshine Sally, and her outgoing personality, there isn’t one thing about her Beth doesn’t miss.  

“When you lose your mom at fifteen, it shatters your identity. I often wonder what our relationship would be like today, now that I’m an adult. To see what kind of grandma she would be. A fun one, of course! I miss her every day.” 

Josh (Brother) 

“Josh was an old-fashioned romantic, bring-a-rose-on-a-first-date kind of guy,” says Beth. “He loved to hunt, cook out, and go to the movies. His Weimaraners, Jade and Cadence, were his best friends. 

“Josh was the epitome of a big brother. He wouldn’t let his friends cuss around me. He was very protective, opened every door for me. And we fought like cats and dogs! He taught me to be tough. He felt the pain of others, though.” 

Josh and Beth were extremely close. They even lived together throughout college, and Beth even shared a story about Josh waking up barefoot and “nekkid,” chasing a stranger who had slept in her car overnight down the street. 

While her brother’s passing was tragic and unexpected, Beth takes solace in knowing that God was with him in his final moments.

Rusty (Dad) 

“My dad never saw the bad in anybody. He was the most honest, genuine man.” 

Beth and her dad, Rusty, talked every day. Especially after her mom passed. “Bless my dad’s heart,” says Beth. “He had to go through all the fun teenage girl stuff on his own and he handled it so well. He never missed a pep rally. He had  the camera now.” 

Rusty also gave top-notch advice. “He taught me you have to work for what you want,” shares Beth. “How to love my family and always be honest. Always do the right thing, even when no nobody's watching. To own up to my mistakes. And fix them. I’m the person I am because of my dad.” 

The Diamond

“I was very excited when Eterneva confirmed that I could mix ashes. I wanted to keep them all together.” 

Beth mixed ashes from her mom, dad, and brother to grow a stunning, colorless cushion-cut Diamond. While admitting the notion of sending off her family’s ashes was a bit “nerve racking,” Beth’s anxiety was soon eased when she received her first of many video updates and check-ins with her Sales and Care Team members. 

“I loved how my family was addressed by their names,” she shares. “Eterneva wanted to see family photos. I felt genuinely cared about, entrusting something so precious to someone who also thought it was precious. The communication was phenomenal. This entire experience measured beyond my expectations.” 

Beth’s Diamond came home on January 5, 2023. “I feel complete,” she says. “I wear my necklace every day, and now all of my friends are like, “Oh my gosh, I can finally meet Rusty, Judy, and Josh!”’