The biggest diamond trends in 2023

Diamonds are timeless. Whether used for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or other jewelry worn by women or men, these precious stones will always have the ability to capture our eyes and our imaginations with their depth and brilliance. And with so many options and styles available, it has become easier than ever to exemplify a specific style, personality, and beauty through your choice of diamond.

The world of diamonds is full of many different carat sizes, cuts, shapes, colors, and settings to choose from, so it’s no surprise that certain characteristics may gain popularity at various times, and the industry must evolve and adapt to the changing tastes of consumers. At Eterneva, we're always keeping an eye on the latest trends in the diamond industry, as well as the most popular jewelry styles that feature these precious gems.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the most prominent diamond trends for 2023 and the factors influencing people’s choices for engagement rings, wedding rings, memorial jewelry, and fashion.

The top diamond trends this year

There are a number of diamond trends gaining popularity this year. People seem to be embracing a mix of classic and contemporary styles, with a renewed focus on ethical production practices and original settings. Here are a few of the most popular trends so far in 2023.


Vibrant and unique: fancy colored diamonds

 Fancy-colored diamonds are experiencing a surge in popularity, with many people seeking out these unique and rare gemstones for their one-of-a-kind appeal. With options on the market that include a variety of hues, from greens and blues to reds, yellows, and even black diamonds, these colorful gems offer a vibrant alternative to the classic white diamond. Expect to see more of these dazzling gemstones this year as people continue to embrace their individuality and choose unique pieces that reflect their personal style.

Gold ring with pink gemstone.


Embracing inclusions: salt and pepper diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are a recent popular style gaining traction for their distinctive appearance and unique charm. With their mix of black and white inclusions, these diamonds have a striking, unrefined beauty that sets them apart from traditional diamonds. They make for an excellent choice for those looking to break away from the conventional and embrace a natural, raw look. 

Interestingly, the appeal of salt and pepper diamonds is precisely what many traditional diamond cutters have tried to minimize over the years: inclusions. Under the four C’s of the diamond grading scale, clarity grade is measured by how few inclusions exist in the stone. The size, position, and number of these inclusions determine the diamond’s clarity level. However, it’s important to note that nearly every diamond in existence includes some inclusions, and these tiny, distinctive characteristics give each stone a truly unique quality and appearance.

Ring with salt and pepper diamond.

By embracing the so-called blemishes in the inclusion-heavy salt and pepper diamonds, people are choosing individuality over traditional gemological metrics. It doesn't hurt that you can typically find larger-carat weight salt and pepper diamonds on the market for the same price as smaller-carat diamonds with a higher clarity grade.


Ethical practices: lab-grown diamonds 

With an increasing focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing, lab-grown diamonds have become a popular choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. These diamonds are created using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond formation process, resulting in gems that are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. In fact, gemological institutes like the IGI and GIA no longer distinguish between mined and lab-grown diamonds, and both are graded using the same scales to determine their quality and value. As the demand for conflict-free and eco-friendly alternatives continues to rise, lab-grown gemstones are set to play a significant role in the diamond industry in 2023 and beyond.

Lab-grown diamond.

Variations on the classics: oval cut diamonds

The brilliant round-cut diamond still reigns supreme as the most popular diamond shape on the market, but other shapes have also been in high demand. Oval-cut diamonds, in particular, are becoming more common. This shape has the same brilliance and elegance as the round cut but can often appear larger than a round-cut diamond with the same carat weight. The elongated shape of oval cuts, pear cuts, emerald cuts, and other oblong-shaped stones is also very flattering on the finger, elongating it and making the hands appear slenderer and more delicate.

Engagement ring diamond trends

One of the best ways to gauge up-and-coming diamond trends in the industry is to look at what is popular in the diamond engagement ring market. Used to celebrate love, unity, and commitment, engagement rings can reflect the taste and style of the couple getting engaged and can signal the direction of diamond ring trends among young people tying the knot together. Here are a few significant engagement ring trends in 2023.

Engagement ring being worn.

Vintage designs

Vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands are all the rage in 2023, as couples look to the past for inspiration. These designs often feature intricate detailing, such as milgrain edges, filigree work, and delicate engraving, reminiscent of the Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. Paired with a stunning diamond center stone, these rings offer a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern elegance.

Unique diamond shapes

While round diamonds have long been the most popular choice for engagement rings, more and more couples are opting for unique diamond shapes to express their individuality. Shapes like oval, pear, marquise, and cushion-cut diamonds are gaining popularity among the newly engaged, offering a fresh and stylish alternative to the classic round-cut diamond. As we mentioned earlier, these shapes can create the illusion of a larger diamond, making them an appealing choice for those seeking maximum sparkle on their engagement ring.

Engagement ring in a box.

Minimalist designs and solitaire rings

Simplicity has been another key trend in 2023, with many couples opting for minimalist solitaire engagement ring designs that allow a single center diamond to get all the attention. Clean lines, sleek bands, and unadorned settings create a timeless and understated elegance, allowing the diamond to truly shine. This trend is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of a less-is-more approach and want a solitaire ring that will never go out of style.


Mixed metals 

Mixed metal engagement rings have been making waves lately, offering a contemporary twist on traditional designs. Combining two or more metal colors, such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, creates a stunning contrast that highlights the diamond and adds visual interest to the ring. This trend is perfect for those who want to make a statement with a unique engagement ring and embrace a more modern aesthetic. 

A pair of engagement rings.

The biggest diamond market trends in 2023 are showing a shift toward hybrid styles that combine the classic look of traditional designs with a modern flare. Beyond aesthetics, the shift toward wanting ethically-sourced and lab-grown gemstones has also become a significant trend in the market, as people are more conscious of not supporting exploitation or oppression abroad. Overall, diamonds in 2023 will feature bright standout colors, conscious sourcing, and sleek shapes, embracing the modern while giving a nod to the past.