The Little Things: Appreciating Loved One’s Quirks While Navigating Loss

The Eterneva team is committed to sharing real stories that help celebrate the remarkable lives of loved ones who have passed. These real stories are here to help connect to one another, spark joy, inspire gratitude, and move us forward together.

We had the opportunity to chat with Taylor Lockett, one of our extraordinary Eterneva customers, to learn more about the loving relationship she and her mom shared.

The little thing that Taylor shares about her mother below is a wonderful reminder of how a silly quirk, such as slurping coffee, can be a treasure as we learn how to navigate and appreciate all of the emotions—the highs and lows—of grief.

It’s clear that while Taylor’s remarkable mother has passed, the memories and lessons her mother shared remain close to her heart and help her continue to keep life beautiful and light-hearted.

The Remarkable Legacy of Judy

As Taylor shares, her mom was very joyful, grateful and also a little bit spicy. She was a little edgy, had her own way of doing things and wouldn’t shy away from speaking her truth by saying “that’s stupid” when something was stupid. Yet she was also one of the kindest souls you could ever meet.

She was silly without thinking she was silly. Always leaving Taylor and her brother in stitches from laughing. Taylor remembers her mom just doing little funny things where she would think “what are you doing?

The two would watch their shows, go for walks around the lake, hang out, and simply enjoy just being together. A beautiful mother-daughter bond impossible to break.

The Little Thing

When we asked Taylor if there was a little thing that she missed about her mother, she shared the regular occurrence of her mom slurping coffee. 

“Oh my gosh, I’d get annoyed with the sound. Like, can you not do that? And now I’m like, I would die to hear that coffee sound again.”

If there’s anything that we can take away from hearing Taylor’s little thing, it’s that even some things that may seem annoying in the moment, are some of the most memorable memories we take with us when our loved ones pass.

How do we honor and carry these little moments with us? Reflecting on these moments and what they teach us are important for helping us take our loved ones with us everywhere we go while also helping us through our grief journeys. 

While Taylor misses her mom’s coffee slurp and her presence, she now carries the memory with her and can reflect on her mom’s remarkable life any time she hears another coffee slurp. She can share that memory with her friends and family, giving the opportunity for others to share what they remember and loved about Judy.

When we take the time to share the little things, we honor those who have passed while creating meaningful bonds and new memories. Who knows, at Taylor’s next family gathering everyone might be slurping their coffee. 😉

A Path Forward

When we asked Taylor if there was anything that her mother would want others to know, her answer beautifully captured the compassion, mindfulness, and beauty that can occur while grieving the loss of a loved one. 

If you are grieving, wherever you are is right where you need to be. Just embrace all of the emotions, highs and lows, the peaks and the valleys that come while grieving, because it's a really really really hard, but also a really beautiful journey if you allow it. And I think to allow that you need to embrace those kinds of terrible feelings sometimes that we try to run from.”

Thank you Taylor and Judy, we can all use this thoughtful reminder to appreciate the quirky little things in the moment and cherish them as we navigate the ups and downs of our journeys with loss.

What are your little things?

We're on a mission to change a culture around death, grief, and remembrance at Eterneva. We believe the little things shared with a loved one are some of the most important and impactful treasures in life. We want to help you find solace on your grieving journey by embracing the little things you shared with your loved one that left a lasting impression.

And for those who aren’t on a grieving journey, this is for you too! Who are the most precious people in your life and what are their little things? Through loss we learn about life. So how can you learn from Taylor and Judy’s remarkable love to practice presence and gratitude the next time your loved one slurps their coffee or has their silly quirk?

Join us by sharing “that one time they...” or “I remember how they would…” about your loved ones. We can't wait to hear just how special your loved one is to you and the little things that have made a big impact on your life. We want to share your favorite “little things” about your loved ones, so please comment here for a chance to be featured on our account! #TLTeterneva