Tika the Iggy has become an Instagram icon with 180,000 followers.

  • She is fashionable.
  • She is cute.
  • She has been dubbed “the kween of derp.”

And her dad, Thomas Shapiro, takes the whole experience in stride. It took him two years to get her account to 20,000 followers, and then mere months to jump to 50,000. Now, he and Tika are regulars at PetCon, and have Tika-branded merchandise available for fans.

And while Tika is glamorous in all of her shots, she is just like any of us, too! We caught up with Thomas and Tika for a quick Q&A about their life both before this pandemic, and how it has changed during it.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Luckily, me and my husband can work from home often, so there’s almost always one of us home with Tika.

In the morning, Tika will move from our bed to her day bed and nap while I work. Then at lunch, we’ll go for a walk if the weather is nice, or play with her toys. Usually we do a photoshoot in the late afternoon, and then time for dinner!

What is your bond with Tika like?

Our bond with Tika is quite unique. She’s not like most dogs in the sense that she’s quite particular about how things are done.

But we definitely love catering to her and making sure she’s happy, and in return she showers us with love and lots of entertainment.

Do you think it’s important that people celebrate and memorialize their pet’s life?

Definitely! These days, dogs and cats are so much more than pets, they really do become a part of the family.

I can’t imagine my life without her, so I know when she does leave us, I’ll want to do something very special to remember her by.

If you could ask Tika 3 things, what would you ask?

  • Do you really need to sleep so much?
  • Why do you hate water so much?
  • Are you ever not hungry?

Why would honoring and memorializing Tika be important to you?

Not only is Tika so special to us, but to thousands of people around the globe.

It would feel correct to make sure there’s a special something to keep her spirit alive.

How would you want to celebrate their life?

Good question. I’m hoping she still has many many years left, so haven’t thought too much about it. Love the idea of jewelry, and being able to wear her with me throughout my day.

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