Aquamarine Halo

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Ash 1589.jpg

Aquamarine Halo

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Celebrate the life of your loved one in this striking, aquamarine-inlaid white gold ring.

The precious metal swirls to meet a brilliant-blue aquamarine, firmly embraced and held in place through sheer tension. Your loved one’s ashes  are subtly inlaid into the white gold, creating a very personal way to capture their individuality and feel their presence with you.

Available in 10-karat and 14-karat white gold. The Aquamarine Halo embodies the grace and energy of the ocean. Cherish your loved one’s memory with beauty and strength with this unique memorial ring.

Ring Size:
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Ring Width: Taper from 9 mm (top) – 2 mm (base)
Ring Sleeve: White Gold
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

Inlay: Pet Ashes

Stone: Aquamarine
Quality: Genuine A
Size: 8 mm X 6 mm
Shape: Oval
Setting: Tension

Ashes Needed: 2 tablespoons

Process: You’ll be sent an  Eterneva Ashes Collection Kit with every order to transport your ashes in a safe, legal manner. Each ring takes 8-10 business days to complete. Your ring will then be shipped to you - along with any unused ashes.