Creating a Diamond from cremated ashes or hair is not only an incredible way to keep your loved one close; it’s also a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate their remarkable life.   

Eterneva creates brilliant, lab-grown Diamonds that are as genuine and unique as your loved one. This is accomplished through a sophisticated, highly collaborative process between you, your customer experience team, and our diamond experts. 

During your Diamond Journey, one of the first choices you will make is selecting the color of your loved one’s Diamond. Our color catalog includes blue, yellow, red, black, green, and colorless stones. 

When it comes to customizing your creation, how do you choose the color? At Eterneva, we love all of our Diamonds. However, in our mission to celebrate remarkable lives, we truly believe there’s no better way to eulogize your loved one’s vivacity, energy, and good nature than with a green Diamond

Come along with us as we delve into the meaning behind green diamonds and how they’re made! 

Green: The Harmonious Friend

Green is the color of life and harmony. Whether we’re musing at the deep green of the forests or varying verdant shades of rolling fields, green is revitalizing in all hues. Green connects us to Mother Nature and therefore, is grounding, calming, and helps us center ourselves. Here are four positive associations for the color green. 

1. Life: Green is most often observed in nature as lush foliage and budding blossoms. It illustrates growth, fertility, and is a harbinger of good energy. 

2. Harmony: There’s a sense of togetherness in green. It represents the balance of our body and mind, and invokes harmony. 

3. Fortune: In western culture, green is the color of money; however, “fortune” as related to the color green refers to prosperity and generosity, as well as good fortune, ie. luck!

4. Safety: Green invokes feelings of abundance while providing peace of mind and security. 

Green has the innate power to energize our spirit, restore balance, and quite honestly, breathe life into us! When we interact with the color green, we feel safe and at peace. It encourages us to relive our memories of strolling through a meadow and the good ol’ days of playing in the grass. Perhaps it even reminds us of the marvels of the northern lights, with their ribbons of green dancing across the starry sky. 

If green makes you feel alive—then we invite you to consider a green Diamond. After all, in the words of Mary Webb: “Green is the fresh emblem of well founded hopes. In blue the spirit can wander, but in green it can rest."

The “Together Forever” Diamond

In the vein of harmony, green represents togetherness. Arguably, the most difficult reality about the people we love passing on is that they are no longer with us. But, what if we could keep a piece of them with us forever? 

We would love to share the story of Benny and Rosa, who were—as defined by their daughters, Melinda and Melissa—soulmates. They loved dancing, entertaining, providing for their family, and taught their children the value of unity. After Benny and Rosa tragically passed within eight days of each other, Melinda and Melissa’s grief journey led them to seek out Eterneva. 

They combined the colors of their parents’ birthstones—topaz (yellow) for Benny and aquamarine (blue) for Rosa to conceptualize two gorgeous green Diamonds, which they had set into rings. 

 “We didn’t want our mom to be without our dad. We wanted them to be together.” - Melinda and Melissa 

The Science of Green Diamonds

Green lab-grown Diamonds receive their color from an irradiation process. During this process, radiation penetrates the diamond crystal and can knock electrons or carbon atoms out of the specific crystal lattice.

This treatment has been used since the late 1940s, and can modify near-colorless or yellow diamonds to produce diamonds with a green color. The source of the radiation can be naturally occurring for natural diamonds or performed in a laboratory for Lab-Grown Diamonds. 

Green Diamond Grading

Most natural diamonds are colorless. Therefore, green lab-grown Diamonds can offer an eye-catching and alluring conversation piece. 

The IGI color grading scale for green diamonds is:

Ask Our Diamond Experts! 

We asked our Diamond experts about which cuts and shapes produce the ideal green Diamond, and here’s what they shared. 

Shape and size preferences are unique to each wearer,” remarks Eterneva Diamond Expert, Cheryl. “However, for a 0.10 to 0.50-carat Diamond, I recommend Cushion and Asscher. Radiant and Pear are excellent for Diamonds 1.00-carat and larger.” 

Eterneva: Your Diamond, Your Journey

Green is an energizing, harmonious hue that communicates balance, connects us to nature, and inspires prosperity. When you wear your loved one’s green Diamond, you will experience peace, connection, and a growth mindset. 

 At Eterneva, our mission is to help you create a Diamond that is as remarkable as your loved one. Regardless of which color Diamond you choose, your loved one’s creation should hold a positive meaning for you. 

Get in touch with us today! We would love to help you create a Diamond that best represents and reminds you of your loved one.