Growing a diamond from a loved one’s ashes is a profound and touching journey both for our customers and team here at Eterneva.

We’re constantly in awe of the remarkable stories and legacies we get to hear and share about those who have been transformed into a diamond. And we’re always thrilled to see how the diamonds have positively impacted those going through their journey with grief.

In many ways, the transformation of ashes into a memorial diamond makes everything a bit more real. The process takes ashes, which often end up in a place out of sight and out of mind of the bereaved, and turns them into an active participant in the life of the living in a bright new form. It gives people something positive to talk about, and helps the bereaved feel less alone.

Interestingly, 78% of Eterneva customers, surveyed for independent research by Baylor University, reported the diamond process to be beneficial to their grieving process. 

Memorial Diamonds Help The Bereaved Move Forward With Grief

We recognize that a memorial diamond isn’t right for everyone, but we can’t help but notice the meaning and impact these diamonds have on our amazing customers and how it has helped them move forward through their grief journey.

A memorial diamond touches, accompanies, listens, and its presence affects the growth and development of the living. For many, it's also a daily reminder that their remarkable loved one’s unconditional love still remains.

So, if you’re considering a memorial diamond to celebrate your remarkable person or pet, it might help to see how the diamond has impacted others' journey through the painstaking grief of losing someone so close and dear to heart.

We’ve compiled quotes from our customers so that you can hear it directly from their voice. As you go through these statements real people have made about how a memorial diamond, grown from their loved one’s ashes, has helped in their journey moving forward with grief, please know that we’re always here to talk. 

If you feel compelled to learn more about the process, please schedule a consultation. Our team is patiently waiting to learn more about your loved one and answer any questions you may have about the process of turning your loved one into a radiant and one-of-a-kind diamond.

Touch & feel closer to them

When someone we love passes, the ability to touch and feel their presence is alarmingly absent. Whether it’s a dog that’s no longer there to pet or a partner no longer there to hug, the lack of presence can be a lot for anyone to handle.

“You can only think of a memory [but] you can’t touch it. Now I can touch him.

A memorial diamond helps many of our customers touch and feel closer to their loved ones who are no longer here physically.

When I put it on, I just feel closer to him. It makes me want to put my wedding set on, which I put his diamond on my wedding ring, and it makes me then want to put my my wedding set back on because it just makes me feel so much closer to him knowing that it's him, that he's with me all all the time when I have it on.”

Remember their remarkable life

The last thing we want when someone passes is to forget their love, all of the memories, and ultimately, their life. For some of our customers, the memorial diamond helps them remember their loved one and keep their memory close. 

“When they delivered it to me, I ran to the front door and the guy that was delivering it said to me, ‘Well, I've never had someone run to me towards a package before,’ and I was like, ‘I don't think you understand what you have.’ I was so excited to get it. I opened it up. I cried, happy tears. And at that moment, I knew that it was 100 percent worth having him turned into a diamond because it felt like I had him back home with me again. He wasn't just put on a shelf and forgotten about. He's going to be something that I wear every day and every day I look down. I can smile and remember all those great times that we had together. So it's just it's so nice getting him home.”

A memorial diamond allows our customers to reflect on the life of their remarkable loved ones life, rather than their death because of the beauty of the diamond. 

“I look at this diamond and I’m not sad. I am able to remember the wonderful person my dad was.” 

Be reminded of their presence and love

Let’s face it, going through grief can feel like a daily slog. But for many of our customers, looking down at a ring with a memorial diamond reminds them that they’re not alone on this journey. 

It's really just such a powerful thing to be able to have your loved one with you all the time, to have that physical reminder of their presence. It's amazing. I didn't really think that I would would like think a lot of it, like, yes, it's a beautiful piece and yes, I know the meaning behind it, but if I'm getting anxious or nervous or worried, like I don't consciously, but I'll find my hand resting on my pendant.”

A memorial diamond is a reminder that a loved one’s love is beyond a physical form. Our customers know that their loved one will always be with them moving forward, through it all. 

“I usually wear her when I have a special event or on those days when I feel a deep need of having her with me.” 

Talk about their remarkable life & grief

A lot of times when people encounter loss, the condolences end rather quickly and it can be difficult to find space to talk about their loved one’s remarkable life. Luckily, many of our customers have reported the diamond starting many conversations about their loved one. 

“The diamond is not set. But it is on the main floor where it can be seen and appreciated by anyone who visits the home. It comes up in conversation due to its uniqueness and keeps him in memory.”

A memorial diamond helps our customers open up about their loved one, and in the process, help them work through grief and finding meaning from their loss.

“It was something to look forward to as the diamond grew in the process. I also talked with my husband and closest friends about the diamond growth and we would talk about my dog.”

Share experiences with them

When a loved one passes, we miss being able to share creating new memories with them. Whether it’s going on a trip to the beach or showing a new dog at a competition, a memorial diamond will always be there to connect us to our remarkable loved one. 

“We traveled a lot and I wanted him to travel with me. Since I have received my diamonds, I no longer spread him like before. I feel like he is right there experiencing it with me. It just seems unnecessary. I will spread his remaining ashes on July 12, 2020 at sunrise on the beach here in North Carolina. I no longer need to hold onto in that way. He is free, and in a way, so am I.” 

A memorial diamond is a physical reminder that allows our customers to share experiences with their loved one, even after they’ve passed.

“Noel is mounted in a custom-designed ring and he is holding the diamond in his paw. You hold the show lead in your left hand, so Noel is on my left ring finger holding the lead of every dog I show.”

Work through grief

Coping with loss and working through grief is downright challenging. However, when we confront the tough emotions that accompany grief, our loss can add deep and profound meaning to how we move forward in life. Many customers report how the process of turning their loved one into a diamond helped them cope as they worked through their grief.

“It did help in my grieving process. I cried a lot every time I got an update... I did cry when I finally had them back home with me.”

A memorial diamond allows our customers to have genuine and caring conversations that help heal a grieving heart.

“Yes, it has helped mostly through the process of talking about the diamond and thus about Michael. One of the most difficult things that I believe happens after a loss is that people are sometimes uncomfortable talking about the person. Sometimes it is difficult for me and sometimes for others. My diamond has opened others and myself to more genuine and caring conversations.”

Gain closure

Sometimes after a loved one passes, it can take a while for the permanence of the situation to set in. Our customers have shared that while the diamond makes the grief more real, it has also helped them with closure.

“In an odd way, it made my grief a little more real. When he died, I felt like he was just gone. Like no one would really care, he was just a cat. But watching his ashes make that transformation and then getting the finished diamond back was like watching his meaningless death become meaningful, and in a way making my grief more substantial.”

A memorial diamond and the process of creating the diamond helps our customers make terms with the fact that their loved one is no longer alive, but their unconditional love will continue to sparkle throughout their life.

“It’s given me a little bit of closure, in the sense that it has given me more... the diamond process was a very difficult process and as I was going through the process, I still think it really didn’t hit home, and then I got the diamond and I had to really snap out of busying my mind, I would busy my mind so I didn’t have to think about it, and then you get that diamond and you have to go through the grieving process again and it really hits you and it’s like holy shit this is for real.” 

Help create a legacy

At the end of the day, a diamond will never bring our loved one back to life as they were, as much as we wish that were possible. But it does help our customers create an heirloom that will never die, just like their love.

“Frankly, there is not a thing on Earth that could help us come to terms with my daughter’s loss. The diamonds were a necessity for me, much like breathing and drinking water. The idea that when we are gone there will be nothing left of her is unbearable to both of us. The diamonds are just one part of our lifelong project to create a legacy for my daughter. At any one time I have three or four small projects going to create a lasting place for her in this world. Banksy, the mysterious street artist once said ‘We all die twice, once when we stop breathing and the second time when your name is uttered for the last time.’ (ie: you are completely forgotten).”

A memorial diamond helps customers find a bright way to honor their loved one, forever.

“I do not feel the same way about the ashes as I do about the diamond. The ashes to me have no life... the diamond has life. I would never talk about the ashes but I will talk about the diamond and its meaning.” 

About Eterneva’s Memorial Diamond Process

At Eterneva, we help people celebrate and honor their remarkable loved one by turning their ashes into a one-of-a-kind memorial diamond. 

The ashes to diamond process is a seven-stage journey that includes a welcome kit, carbon purification, diamond growth, diamond quality and assessment, diamond cutting, the finishing touches, and lastly, the much anticipated and heartwarming homecoming.

If you feel compelled to learn more about this ashes to diamond process, please schedule a consultation. Our team is patiently waiting to learn more about your loved one and answer any questions you may have about the process of turning your loved one into a radiant and one-of-a-kind diamond.