The mushroom burial suit is a fascinating burial option that has become the latest trend in the funeral industry thanks to growing concern about the environmental impact of burial. 

Many of our remarkable loved ones cared deeply for the environment. The resources used by a traditional burial can leave behind a large carbon footprint that might not align with our loved one’s values when they were here on Earth. 

As many surviving friends and family members search for eco-friendly burial options to honor their loved one’s impact and legacy, the mushroom burial suit has become an interesting new development, thanks to its low environmental impact. As you research your loved one’s end-of-life services, you may want to learn more about the mushroom burial suit to explore every option.

Who Invented the Mushroom Burial Suit?

Jae Rhim Lee, the creator of Coeio and the Infinity Burial Project, is the creative mind responsible for this eco-friendly alternative to cremation or a traditional burial plot. Lee created the mushroom burial suit with one goal in mind: environmental sustainability.

Along with her team at the Infinity Burial Project, Lee created the Infinity Burial Suit over a decade ago. The project was even the subject of Lee’s 2011 TED talk, “My Mushroom Burial Suit.” The video currently has over 1.7 million views on the TEDx website.

After his passing in March of 2019, actor Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210 was buried in a mushroom burial suit, popularizing this green burial method even more.

How Does a Mushroom Burial Suit Work?

A mushroom burial suit is made from organic cotton mixed with mushroom spores. They can be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place for years before use, so you don’t have to wait until your twilight years to purchase one. 

Once a human body is resting in the ground in a mushroom burial suit, mushroom spores and other microorganisms begin to break down the body and turn the body into enzymes. These enzymes can then nourish the soil and help plant life thrive, leaving behind a fruitful legacy even after our loved one has passed.

What Makes the Mushroom Burial Suit Eco-Friendly?

A typical casket contains heavy metals, embalming fluid, formaldehyde, and other chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful to soil, plants, and water. These contaminants are nowhere to be found on the mushroom burial suit. In fact, the Infinity Mushroom Burial Suit was actually designed to perpetuate the process of mycoremediation using mushroom stores to remove toxins from the environment.

Inventor Jae Rhim Lee graduated from MIT having specialized in mycoremediation, inspiring the creation of the suit using what she calls “a biomix of mushroom mycelium and other microorganisms” to help human remains return to the soil without harming the environment.

How Much Does a Mushroom Burial Suit Cost?

A standard burial can cost thousands of dollars. In contrast, the mushroom burial suit is only $1,500. There are also mushroom burial suits for remarkable pets, which only cost $200.

No matter which burial method you choose, finding a burial plot will add to the overall cost of your loved one’s end-of-life service. Whether you choose a traditional graveyard or an eco-friendly cemetery, the ultimate cost of laying your loved one to rest will depend on the cost of their burial plot.  

Getting buried on private property is typically free, as long as you have permission from the person who owns the land. On the other hand, a burial plot in a typical graveyard costs more and needs to be reserved in advance.

Should You Get a Mushroom Burial Suit?

If the idea of an eco-friendly burial appeals to you, the mushroom burial suit is one option worth considering. Thanks to its innovative combination of technology and nature, the suit helps you feel confident that your burial won’t negatively impact the environment.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other eco-friendly burial options that you might want to think about before choosing the mushroom burial suit for your loved one. Let’s take a look at a few other green burial options that you can consider.

Other Green Burial Options

Before ordering a mushroom burial suit, take a look at these other options that are equally kind to the planet to help continue your remarkable loved one’s legacy of sustainable decision making. 


Aquamation is a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation. This burial method breaks down a body using a combination of water, temperature, and alkalinity, leaving less of an impact on the environment.

One of the most notable figures in the anti-apartheid movement, Bishop Desmond Tutu, was aquamated after passing at age 90. 

Biodegradable Coffins

While traditional caskets contain lots of non-biodegradable components, biodegradable coffins are available for loved ones who lived sustainable lives but requested a traditional burial. These burial vessels are buried directly in the ground rather than in a concrete plot. 

Opt for a Simple Funeral

Your burial method of choice isn’t the only aspect of a funeral that impacts the environment. By asking for a simple funeral, your loved one can save energy, resources, and money. 

There are multiple ways to simplify a funeral for the good of the planet and surviving loved ones. They include skipping embalming and concrete vaults, choosing digital bulletins instead of paper ones, avoiding bronze and steel coffins, and choosing an eco-conscious funeral home.

If you’re someone who values simplicity, your funeral can reflect that value just as much as your life. If you want to leave a lasting impact on your family, friends, and other loved ones, simplifying your funeral plans is a perfect place to start.

What Are the Perks of a Green Burial?

Regardless of which eco-friendly burial option you choose, there are plenty of benefits for you and the environment. Below are a few of the biggest reasons to opt for a green burial, either for yourself or a loved one. 

However, remember that there is no incorrect decision when choosing end-of-life services for yourself or a loved one. Each option is a respectful and thoughtful way to honor the impact and legacy of a life well-lived.

What Makes a Green Funeral Good for the Environment?

We’ve already discussed the chemicals and materials found inside and outside of a typical casket. All of these substances serve one primary purpose: changing the way human bodies decompose.

When you’re buried using any eco-friendly funeral method, you’re allowing your body to break down naturally. That means no harmful toxins are released during the decomposing process; nature just runs its course and returns the body to the Earth.

Why Are Green Burials So Popular?

There’s a reason why there’s so much hype around green burials, including the mushroom burial suit method. 

The popularity of eco-friendly funerals can be chalked up to one simple change in the way humans behave — we’re more concerned about the welfare of our planet than ever. 

There’s no denying that the Earth’s climate is changing. As a result, the landscape of the planet is changing, species are perishing, and non-renewable resources are running out fast. It’s time for something to change, and millions of people are ready to make a difference.

What if making a positive impact on the environment didn’t have to end when you pass away? What if your return to the Earth could be just as eco-conscious and kind to the planet as your life? Thanks to green burial options, that dream can easily become a reality.

Thoughtful Ways To Celebrate Life

Choosing an eco-friendly burial option is a kind deed for the planet and those you leave behind. However, If you’ve recently said goodbye to a spouse, friend, family member, or beloved pet, you will also need to decide how to celebrate their life throughout your healing journey. 

While losing a loved one is challenging, their passing is an opportunity to reflect on your time together with gratitude. A thoughtful way to commemorate a life well-lived is by creating an authentic, real diamond from your loved one’s ashes.

If your loved one chooses to be cremated, the carbon from their cremated ashes can be transformed into a durable and breathtaking diamond. However, if your loved one opts for a green burial, the carbon in their hair can be used to grow a diamond as well. Creating a diamond from a loved one’s ashes allows us to carry them with us throughout our lives in a portable memorial that we can pass down for generations.

Summing Up

There are multiple green burial options available, and the mushroom burial suit is one of the most unique. If you’re looking for ways to be kind to the planet after you pass on, this burial method is worth considering. However, there are several other equally green options, including aquamation or a biodegradable casket.

If you’re curious about how you can celebrate the people you love most after they pass, make sure to check out the Eterneva Blog. There, you’ll find a wealth of tips for healing amidst grief, celebrating life, and honoring your loved one’s remarkable life.


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