At last, the moment is here! After an emotional Diamond Journey, you are prepping for the final milestone: Homecoming. 

Homecoming is the ultimate stage in the Eterneva Diamond Journey. And while it may be the last iteration to occur, it’s the first one you envision before even booking your first call. It’s the moment when you finally get to hold your loved one’s Diamond and see the gorgeous way only they can shine. 

At Eterneva, we want every single stage of your Diamond Journey to be remarkable, especially Homecoming. That’s why we’re sharing tips and inspiration so you can create an incredible experience as you’re reunited with your loved one. That’s right, your remarkable moment is about to get even more remarkable. 

First, let’s take a look at some logistics: scheduling your Diamond’s Homecoming. 

A clear pear-shaped diamond rests on a pink cushion.

How to Schedule Your Homecoming with Eterneva

At Eterneva, Homecoming is our north star. Our guide post. And we’re dedicated to ensuring that we reach our destination not only together, but as safe and securely as possible. 

Communication is so key here. If ever you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your Care Team member so they can help everything move along smoothly. Once your loved one’s Diamond is fully grown, cut, polished, and set (if you choose to do so) your Care Team member will be in touch with you to schedule your Homecoming for a date that works best for you. 

All Diamonds are hand-delivered through our trusted FedEx shipping partner. An adult signature is required at the time of delivery. Therefore, it’s important that you plan to be home and available the entire day that you choose for your Homecoming. 

This means you have an opportunity to make this whole day special! 

How to Make Your Homecoming Even More Remarkable

Homecoming is powerful. Homecoming is healing. Homecoming is a moment to reflect, celebrate, and congratulate yourself for completing the Eterneva Diamond Journey. You deserve to soak up every wonderful second of holding your loved one close again. 

Just as every Eterneva Diamond is unique, so is every Eterneva customer. Some people like to celebrate their loved one’s Homecoming with a party while others prefer to do things more quietly. The good news is, you can commemorate your loved one’s Homecoming any way you want. For whatever you’re feeling, here are some suggestions inspired by how real Eterneva customers have honored this milestone. 

1.Wait for a special occasion. Waiting is, without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of the entire Diamond Journey. If you are blessed with patience, however, waiting for a special occasion to unbox your loved one’s Diamond can make for a truly remarkable experience. Eterneva customer, Angela, waited until her daughter Amelie’s second birthday to unveil her Diamond

A family gathers, kissing the diamond made from the ashes of their baby girl.

“We got her Diamond back the day before her birthday, but impatiently waited to open it until her birthday dinner. It was like her birthday present to all of us. The moment we saw her Diamond for the first time, was one of the most precious moments we’ve had together, since losing her. It felt like a little part of her was back in our arms. We all took turns holding and kissing her beautiful Diamond.”
Angela B. 

2. Create a playlist. Did your loved one have a handful of favorite songs? Or perhaps there are songs that remind you of them? Creating a playlist for your loved one can be therapeutic. Music offers us a way to connect with our emotions, and because songs have a beginning, middle, and end, they offer a safe, structured space for us to tap into deep emotion for just a few minutes. 

3.Visit their favorite place. Was there somewhere they loved to visit? Whether a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bookstore, amusement park, or a walk along the beach, venturing to your loved one’s favorite place is a great way to honor them and truly feel their presence while revealing their Diamond. 

A couple standing in the park, showing off their dog's diamond.

Eterneva customer, Savannah, met Eterneva Care Team lead, Natalie, at the park where she trains her dogs to receive her Diamond made from her beloved seizure alert dog, Corbet.  

“It was freezing, raining, and somehow, absolutely perfect! She is planning on having his diamond set in a ring that looks like a Compass since they used to go hiking together. She couldn’t believe how beautiful his color came out, and she said that the blue reminds her of the steel blue mountains that they used to hike together.”
Natalie W.  

4. Make it a celebration. A playlist inspired by your loved one is a great start to celebrating their Homecoming. Whether you want to have a party or an intimate gathering, the choice is yours. Hang a “Welcome Home” banner and serve out your loved one’s favorite food. Make a photo slideshow or play their favorite movie in the background. Share stories about them and toast to the fact that they are finally home. 

5. Capture the moment. Your loved one’s Homecoming is indeed a moment to celebrate. It’s also a moment to capture. You’re going to be emotional, so it’s a good idea to ask someone in advance to take photos or video. 

Move Forward With Your Loved One

The culmination of all of the love and care that has gone into crafting your loved one’s special Diamond, Homecoming is the end of the Diamond Journey, and the beginning of the rest of your wellness journey. From now on, you get to move forward with your loved one. 

If you have any questions about planning your Homecoming or regarding the Eterneva Diamond Journey in general, please contact us! Our knowledgeable Care Team members are always happy to provide clarity, context, and a listening ear.