8 Meaningful Ways to Memorialize Your Soul Pet

You’re probably familiar with the term “soulmate.” Traditionally, a soulmate is a person with whom one shares a deep spiritual connection and profound intimacy beyond the physical or emotional realms. It is often believed to be a union of two beings destined to be together. If that sounds familiar, but you’re not thinking about a human counterpart, you may be a pet owner with a “soul pet.”

Soul pets are animal companions bound to you by an inexplicable connection. They walk by your side and enrich your life with a lasting bond that resonates to your core. 

a pitbull kisses his owner
Abi & Orion

Our companions give us unconditional support, making us feel loved and accepted no matter what. It may almost feel like a mystical connection, a mutual understanding to the point where you can practically read each other's minds. Just their presence can reduce our stress levels, put a smile on our faces, and improve our health.

When we lose our soul pets, we lose a part of ourselves. It is devastating, and we can be thrown into emotional turmoil and despair. Even worse, pet loss is a difficult topic our society often struggles to address, which can leave us without the time, resources, and outlets to properly work through the loss. 

In this article, we'll explore coping mechanisms for pet owners grieving the loss of beloved animal companions—dogs, cats, and furry friends—and discover incredible ways to honor their memory.

The unconditional love of soul pets

Our soul pets can become our best friends and cherished family members. When shared with them, our daily routines take on a new flavor and excitement. Returning home after a long day is no longer just a relief but a heartwarming reunion filled with joyful greetings and wagging tails. Let’s be honest: no one can greet you at home and re-energize your spirit like a soul pet.

Your relationship with your furry (or sometimes not furry) companion transcends mere companionship. Our pets teach us to be responsible, foster empathy, and inspire a nurturing kind of care and affection. In return, their unconditional love enriches our lives and fills our hearts with gratitude, forever binding us together.

How does it feel to lose a beloved pet?

Although we know our pets will probably leave this world before us, the depth of what it's like to lose them can be surprising. Within the roller coaster of emotions, including confusion, guilt, sadness, and nostalgia, it's natural to feel devastated by the death of a pet, sometimes as much or even more so than the loss of a human family member.

Losing a beloved pet may even be our earliest interaction with death. When this happens during childhood, it may be the first time facing this challenging depth of emotions, learning that life contains such a full range of joy, laughter, sadness, and sorrow. But while the experience of losing a pet is devastating, it’s important to be aware of our feelings to cope with the grief in a healthy and productive way, so we can come out the other side having grown and matured.

"No one wants to experience the pain of losing a pet. You know that in ten to fifteen years, you're going to have to go through unimaginable pain, and yet… it's still worth it. The love they give you just can't be matched by any other relationship." - Blythe B., who honored her beloved pitbull, Trinity, with a green Eterneva Diamond. 

The grieving process  

"You're allowed to grieve your pet and treat them as family members."—Adelle Archer, CEO and co-founder of Eterneva.

Saying goodbye to a pet who brightened your mornings and brought purpose to your life is incredibly difficult. Don't feel pressured to rush through grief. Allow yourself to experience the stages of grief at your own pace and in your own way.

Learning how to remember your pet's impact on your life is part of your grieving process. Giving yourself time and permission to express your grief, seeking emotional support, and celebrating the remarkable bond you shared are powerful tools for healing. 

Self-care is also essential during this time, including exercise, eating well, getting sleep, and reaching out for support. Pet grief support groups provide a safe space to share your emotions with others who understand. Taking care of yourself and talking to those going through a similar loss can validate your feelings and offer coping strategies to help you navigate this difficult time.

Paw at Peace Quote? 

Eight ways to memorialize a pet

Just like human loved ones, soul pets deserve a permanent place in our lives. By honoring their spirit, we keep their stories and legacies alive and celebrate the joy they brought to our world. Here are eight ways to honor your remarkable friend:

1. Get a memorial tattoo

Memorial tattoos are a deeply personal way to keep the memory of your beloved pet alive. When your pet dies, a memorial tattoo creates a permanent tribute that lets you carry on their memory and gives you a chance to talk to others about your special friend.

This representation of love allows you to choose a design that reflects your pet's personality, favorite memory, or symbol with special meaning. For example, you can get a representative image of their paw prints, their name, a portrait, or some other design that captures the joy they brought to your world. 

2. Plant a living tribute

If you're interested in nature, planting a tree, bushes, or your pet’s favorite type of flower in your yard creates a living legacy. Unlike traditional memorials, a planted tribute allows you to watch it grow, symbolizing the enduring love that blossomed between you.

In addition to the special moment you plant the seed, this type of memorial creates a lasting space to remember your special friend. You can later visit the tree or flowers, sit beneath their shade, watch them grow and change, smell their fragrance, and reminisce about happy times with your furry friend.

3. Write them a letter

Allowing yourself to express your feelings by writing a letter honoring your beloved pet is a beautifully intimate way to begin healing. Putting your feelings into words can help you process your emotions and express gratitude for your pet.

There are no rules to a letter. You can express yourself creatively using humor, poetry, or heartfelt words. Talk to your pet the way you did in life, using the special language you shared. Remember cherished memories and funny stories, or write everything you want to say to them. Writing can help you to reflect on the lessons you learned together and their impact on your life, helping you find closure and acceptance.

Here are a few examples of letters written by pet owners to their special friends:

4. Create a photo collage

With our smartphones always at hand, we all have countless photos of our beloved pets. Whether they are making us laugh, looking adorable, or simply snoozing away, our camera rolls overflow with memories of our furry companions. 

This visual celebration lets you showcase your favorite photos, capturing the different facets of your pet's personality and the life you shared. Displaying these happy moments in your home or simply swiping through the collection can help keep your pet's memory vibrant and bring a smile every time you see them.

5. Make a memory box with some of their favorite things

Memory boxes provide a tangible way to connect with the past. Gathering photos, their favorite toy, a collar tag, or anything that brings back moments of your relationship creates a treasure of memories.

Placing these items in one specific place allows us to revisit our special buddy together, immersing ourselves in their memory and allowing us to fully reflect on our experiences with them.

6. Donate in their name

You can also honor your lost pet's spirit by donating to a charity that aligns with your pet's life or your connection with them. You can help animals in need in an animal shelter or rescue organization and bring a sense of purpose and peace to this lasting tribute.

For example, Eterneva customer and Instagram influencer Paige @puppynamedcharlie honored her sweet Goldendoodle, Sawyer, by having a closet sale of Sawyer's clothes and toys, and donating the proceeds to Animal Haven, a pet rescue in New York.

Fluffy goldendoodle carried by her owner
Paige & Sawyer

Other organizations to consider include:

  • ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

7. Scatter their ashes in a favorite place

Scattering the ashes of an animal companion in their favorite place allows them to return, in a way, to a space that brought them joy. Whether it’s a favorite park, a special walking path, or even your backyard where they spent countless happy hours, spreading their ashes is a symbolic way to say goodbye while creating a physical space where you can reflect and enjoy your pet's memory. 

8. Turn cremation ashes into a memorial diamond

While traditional receptacles like urns provide a place to keep your pet's ashes, and scattering them can add special meaning to a place you shared, there are also other nontraditional ways to transform ashes into legacy. 

One option is to use those ashes to create a diamond, forging an enduring and tangible symbol of love. Cremation diamonds can accompany you throughout your life's journey and serve as a unique reminder of the special bond you shared. Imagine creating a brilliant round-cut diamond ring, so you can keep your gray and white diva, Serena, with you forever, like Nik did.

“My ultimate favorite memory is just our whole experience together. I rescued Serena and her siblings from an abandoned garage when I was starting off in college. I’d only been in school for a few days at the time, and I didn’t have a lot of family support. I felt like she needed me as much as I needed her and we really bonded. She slept in bed with me every night and would just come to me when I was feeling at my lowest. She had a nice calming effect.” - Nik E. honored his beautiful cat, Serena, with a colorless Eterneva Diamond 

a man cuddles a gray and white cat

Like any of our loved ones, soul pets are a part of our family and have a unique place in our hearts. They spend their lives bringing us joy, companionship, and cherished memories. When they pass away, cremation diamonds offer a way to create a lasting tribute that captures the essence of their unique spirit. If fact, nearly half of the memorial diamonds we produce at Eterneva are created to honor and commemorate a someone’s remarkable pet. 

How does Eterneva turn your pet's cremation ashes into diamonds?

At Eterneva, we understand the deep connection that you have with your soul pet. Once you've chosen to transform their remains into a diamond, we will send you a welcome kit that provides detailed instructions to complete your journey. 

With just a small amount of your pet's ashes, our scientists can extract the necessary carbon to grow a stunning diamond. Over the course of several months, this carbon will undergo a high-pressure, high-heat process of purification and growth until a diamond is formed, indistinguishable from one that is forged deep in the earth’s crust over millions of years. The difference is that this one contains within it the molecular building blocks that made up your remarkable friend.

You can personalize your pet's diamond by choosing the size, cut, clarity, color, shape, and carat weight. You can even engrave your custom diamond with their name on it and have it set in the jewelry of your choice, including rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and more. 

Rebecca's Eterneva Diamond ring for her dog, Ruby

Not sure if you want to start the process yet? No problem. The carbon in your pet's ashes or hair remains stable, allowing you to begin the memorial diamond journey whenever it feels right, even years after cremation.

We understand that transforming your furry friend's ashes into a diamond is a deeply personal decision, and we strive to make the experience one of healing and reflection. Eterneva even received the International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association’s (ICCFA) award for Most Personalized Pet Memorial.

We keep you updated every step of the way, offering the chance to share the story of your soul pet and find support from others experiencing similar loss. For many, the process gives them a chance to reflect, mourn, and deal with the intense emotions that come from losing a beloved dog, cat, or other lost loved one. When the journey is complete, you have a remarkable life encapsulated in a precious stone that you can carry with you, always.

Eterneva, Home of the Most Personalized Pet Memorial

Since 2001, the ICCFA - International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association has championed the importance of personalizing services and memorials to better serve families.

Because our memorial diamonds are made from your pet's unique carbon, your soul pet's Eterneva Diamond will be every bit as unique as them and the memories you made together. It's this level of personalization, attention to detail, and the fact that every Eterneva team member knows you and your companion's story, that earned Eterneva the Keep It Personal (KIP) Award for Most Personalized Pet Memorial.